What to Wear in London

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London. One of the most stylish cities in the world (in the running with New York, Paris, Milan, etc), and if you’re visiting it can seem intimidating, but there’s no need to think about it like that – you’re here to have fun, to explore and discover this wonderful part of the world.

Don’t worry – I’m not about to tell you to buy the latest designer handbag or to spend all your holiday money on a new wardrobe.

Dress for the Weather

The first important point to make is that you’re going to England. Even in summer the weather can turn cold and rainy, so you need to dress in layers and bring something waterproof. The temperature ranges from 12-25˚C in the summer, and 2-12˚C in the winter. Make sure that you check what the weather is doing before you go, and always be prepared for rain!


Dress for Comfort

London is pretty casual on the whole, so you can get away with wearing what you feel comfortable in. There’s no need to dress up or down for the occasion of just being in London. With such a melting pot of cultures, moods and purposes, there will be people in their finest gear and people in their loungewear, so there’s no need to feel under any pressure.

If you’re in London, then you’re probably going to be walking around and on your feet a lot, so you’ll definitely need something comfy on your feet. Along with sensible shoes, you’ll also need socks like these from Skate Hut to help cushion your feet.

BUT Don’t Make it Obvious You’re a Tourist

Looking like a tourist in London means the way you act as much as what you’re wearing.

Do wear a hat, but avoid caps as they scream tourist. A hat will keep your head safe from the rain and sun as well as giving you a touch of style.


Choose dark blue or black jeans as opposed to stonewash or bleached, and opt for neutral and plain clothes instead of bright colours and patterns if you’re determined to look chic.

Look up the phrases that are different in Britain than they are in other countries, such as “pants” meaning underwear in British English.

Don’t, whatever you do, make eye contact and try to talk to people on the tube. If anything screams tourist it’s people talking on the tube!


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