What Makes London’s Luxury Serviced Apartments So Sought-After?

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Whether you live in London, or you’ve just been looking for accommodations for an upcoming visit to the city, you’ve probably come across luxury London serviced apartments. After all, they’re growing to be the most dominant form of accommodation in the city.

Why is that, though? Why are people falling in love with these serviced apartments instead of the luxury hotels that have served travelers in London for decades?

Well, there are a few reasons. Let’s take a look.


The price of a luxury serviced apartment, compared to a hotel room for two, isn’t all that expensive. Don’t get us wrong; London is one of the most expensive areas in the UK, and accommodations aren’t nearly as cheap as they are elsewhere, but the difference in price between a serviced apartment and a hotel room is so minuscule that it just makes sense to pay a little more to receive way more value for the investment.


Space and Features:

When you book a luxury serviced apartment, you book it just like a hotel. You simply reach out to the management company offering bookings, pay, and stay in the property for the duration of your booked visit. You don’t lease the apartment or enter any other legal contracts like you would with a normal apartment rental.

With that being said, you get a full apartment to yourself. A hotel is usually only one room, and even the fanciest hotels are still quite cramped.

On top of that, the apartments are fully furnished. You don’t have to worry about them lacking the basic features of a residential living space as you do with a hotel. This is one of the biggest draws for luxury serviced apartments. They’re as convenient as hotels, but they still pack the comforts of home into their feature sets.

Flexibility with Booking:

Another reason people are flocking to serviced apartments is that they’re not as rigid with their booking rules as hotels. When you book a hotel, the hotel’s goal is to get you in and out within an ideal time period. By keeping the revolving doors moving, the hotel can make more money. Unfortunately, this makes them poor choices for long-term stays.

In comparison, serviced apartments can be booked for as little as one night, or even as long as a year; you can even get better rates with long-term stays, sometimes.

This is key for business travelers who aren’t just going on a week-long vacation.

A True Sense of Luxury:

Luxury hotels usually live up to their names, but the sense of luxuriousness tends to fade a bit when you’re stuck in a tiny place with barely anything in it. The decorations and fancy items in the room just aren’t as enjoyable under such circumstances.

With the added space and fully-furnished rooms of a serviced apartment, the feeling that you’re enjoying something luxurious isn’t tainted and difficult to enjoy.

Try One for Yourself

If you’re headed to London this year, why not see for yourself what a luxury serviced apartment has to offer? They’re comparable in price to hotel rooms, and once you get inside one, you’ll understand why travelers of all kinds are swarming them.

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