Where On Earth Am I?

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Every country, state, a city, a village or its town has a lot to share to us. Every destination has a story, a beginning and an end for your feet to discover the rest of it. Have you asked yourself where on Earth do you reside? You might be living on a beautiful house built upon a dead dynasty king’s palace. You might be a part of the colony where the first president of your country was born, or perhaps a part of a royal country where your ancestors ruled centuries ago!

However, today I will be talking about the city where the Thames does flow. The city of London! The city ruled by money. Things which make London special are its markets, pubs, high streets and communities that are going unnoticed by millions of its dwellers. It has a solid government, an extraordinary legitimate framework of city planning. It has a truly pleasant way of life, there is the West End, differing qualities of sustenance and is multicultural.

The number of people continues developing and speculation continues pouring in, both indications of its attractive quality and amazing lifestyle. London in UK is the city where you will find the right kind of people to merge with and make friends with. After parlors, online casino and bingo is the next big thing in the city. Social bonding over online gambling is a tradition and a tremendous storm about spreading awareness about the ever glowing lifestyle. More info at Gamevillage shall provide you with the details for the how about and know-how to living this lifestyle with online gaming!

The city brims pop and play culture, showers the light of traditions and true community development by active socializing. People here are outgoing and friendly. Every face shows on the Thames’ over-bridge shows a new story and the few dilapidated looks convey a lot about the ongoing affairs of the city. All in all, the city is a representation of the world’s most visited tourist attraction and never fails to bring joy to those who step into this place of cultures, life and amusements!

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