10 of the Best Things To Do in Sri Lanka

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Gifted with a lush green rainforest, exotic wildlife and golden beaches, Sri Lanka is one of the most exciting destinations you can consider for your next holiday. It may not be as popular as other countries, but it does not fall short in terms of the experience that it can offer. Keep on reading and learn more about the best things that should not be missed when in Sri Lanka.


Give your Appetite a Treat

To have an unforgettable holiday, do not be afraid to indulge in the unfamiliar, especially when it comes to food. Hoppers are a signature breakfast meal, and are one dish you should not forget to try. You also need to try traditional Sri Lankan curries as well as egg roti.

Enjoy the Beach

You should not leave Sri Lanka without enjoying its beaches, which have a combined length of more than 1,300 kilometres. With this in mind, the country is the ideal luxury beach holiday destination. Bentota, Nilaveli, and Mirissa are just some of the popular choices amongst tourists.

Have a Cultural Experience in Kandy

Known as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is one of the most romantic places that you can visit in the country. To know more about their culture and to experience it first-hand, visit their palaces and temples, as well as their many art galleries.

Ride a Colonial Train

While modern forms of transportation are available in Sri Lanka’s larger cities and urban areas, colonial trains are still a popular pastime and riding through the Sri Lankan countryside, you can be sure to experience scenic views of unspoilt rural Sri Lanka and it’s tea plantations. 

Visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

This is perhaps one of the touristy things that you can do in Sri Lanka, but this is one thing that should not be missed in your itinerary. Here you can see troupe of elephants, from the new born calves to the older, more majestic adult elephants and their matriarch.

Have Fun in the Country’s Capital

As a luxury holiday destination, Sri Lanka is ideal and the capital city Colombo is testament to this. Colombo is a city of contrast. It is where you can find lavish contemporary hotels, as well as colonial mansions. It has gourmet restaurants and street food stalls, high-end boutiques and traditional shops.

Go Whale Watching

Go underwater while in Sri Lanka and have fun with the whales. One of the best destinations where you can have close encounter with Whales is Dondra Point.

Wander Along Galle Fort

Walking through Galle Fort is an experience in itself; streets lined with colonial Dutch mansions and architecture makes you feel like with each step you are walking backwards in time. 

Chase Leopards at Yala National Park

Because Sri Lanka is a country that is teeming in terms of wildlife experiences, Yala National Park should not be missed. It is known to have the highest concentration of leopards in a single park, making it worth your time.

Go on an Adventure in Kelani River

Do you want to put your adventurous spirit into the test? If yes, head over to the Kelani River and do not forget to try white water rafting, an activity that will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

Sri Lanka is known to be home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take time to see the historically rich cities of Anuradhapura and Kandy, as well Sigiriya Rock Fortress, among others.

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