3 Tips for The Days Leading Up To Your Destination Wedding

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While planning a wedding in general can be stressful, trying to get everything ready for a destination wedding can add even more nerves and anxiety. Not only do you have to get things ready where you’re currently living, but you also have to ensure that everything at the destination is ready and that you’re able to get everything and everyone from point A to point B. So to help you ensure everything ready in the final days before the ceremonies and celebrations, here are three tips for the days leading up to your destination wedding.

Keep Your Checklist Handy

Throughout the planning of your wedding, you’ve probably had a checklist that you’ve been working off of. At this point, there’s no better time to have that checklist handy at a moment’s notice to ensure that you’ve got everything covered. According to Lesha Vincent, a contributor to WeddingWire.com, you should have two lists that you’re working from: one for you and one for your significant other. By doing this, you should be able to get everything covered and not have anything missed or left off of any lists.

Stay Hydrated

Traveling can be really hard on your body, especially if you’re going to be changing time zones drastically. To ensure that your body can keep up with everything you’re throwing at it during your destination wedding, Jen Glantz, a contributor to Brides.com, shares that you should do whatever it takes to stay hydrated. This means getting in the water before you leave, while you’re traveling, and once you get to your final destination. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that your body is functioning the way you need it to in order for all your plans to go off without a hitch.

Make Sure Everything Fits Right

In the few days leading up to your wedding, Stefania Sainato, a contributor to BridalGuide.com, shares that you should double-check to make sure everything you’re going to be wearing will fit correctly. While it can be a headache to have to make last-minute alterations at home, it can be even worse trying to figure this out while in an unfamiliar area. Not only should you check the fit on things like your wedding dress and your shoes, but you should also double-check that your rings will all fit the way you want them to on the big day.

When planned and prepared for properly, your destination wedding really can be stress-free and magical. To ensure this happens for you and your future spouse, consider using the tips mentioned above to prepare during the final days before your wedding arrives.

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