3 Tips For Visiting Mexico For The First Time

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If you’re planning your first trip to Mexico, you might have some mixed feelings about what could happen on your trip. While the culture and experiences you can be a part of in Mexico are like no other, there have been some scary stories in recent years about tourists who’ve had less than ideal situations on their trip. So to help ensure that you have an amazing time while also keeping yourself and others safe, here are three tips for visiting Mexico for the first time.

Eating and drinking in a foreign country can be dangerous for all sorts of reasons. But in Mexico, it’s generally unsafe to drink the tap water. According to Suzanne Barbezat, a contributor to Trip Savvy, drinking tainted water can give tourists something called Montezuma’s Revenge, which is just a nice way of saying major digestion issues.

Additionally, you also want to protect yourself against having anything slipped into your drinks. To combat both of these potential problems, only drink beverages that have been sealed and that you see opened up for the first time with your own eyes. Also, try to only drink beverages with labels that you recognize as being safe for you to consume in the past.

Research The Areas You’re Planning To Visit Before You Get There

Mexico is a decently sized country with a large variety of cityscapes and climates you could experience. While some of these areas are perfectly safe for visitors to explore, other parts have been linked to drugs, gangs, and other activities that you likely don’t want to be involved with.

Because of this, Katherine Fung, a contributor to Oyster.com, advises that you do some research about the areas you’re planning to visit before you get there. See if there have been any recent reports of violence or unrest. And no matter where it if you’re visiting, make sure you’re using your own common sense to help you stay out of trouble.

Pick Up Some Common Spanish Phrases

Before you land in Mexico, it’s wise to learn at least a few common phrases that you might need to know in Spanish. To make this easy, Tammi Roy, a contributor to Expedia.ca, recommends that you download a language app or get an audiobook that you can listen and practice with before you arrive. By just picking up a few phrases about how to navigate around a city or negotiate on prices, you’ll feel much more confident in your ability to blend in and take part in the culture of the cities.

If you’re going to be visiting Mexico for the first time soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this amazing adventure.

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