4 Campsites to Visit with Your Family

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While you probably don’t have to travel far to find a room stretch of land that your family can use to set up a campsite, going cross country or even across the ocean isn’t out of the ordinary for dedicated campers. Camping during the summer means that you’ll see amazing wildlife species in their prime while going on a camping trip in the winter can help you to experience the earth in all of its natural states. Visit Myfamilytent.com to read tent reviews and figure out what you need to take along with you on your next family camping trip. Next up are four spots that are great for family camping adventures that you’ll want to see and visit yourself.

1. Redwoods National Park

Heard of California Redwood trees before? They’re among the largest and oldest trees in the world, towering well over 300 feet tall, and you’ll find lots of them in Redwoods National Park. This is one of the most majestic spots you can choose to go camping with your family in the world, as this Northern California travel destination is full of animals, walking trails, and it’s also right off of the coast. Catch plenty of fish in the Pacific Ocean then pitch your tent in the shade of an ancient California Redwood. If you love peace and tranquility, you’ll really like it camping here.

2. Black Rock State Park

In Connecticut, there’s Black Rock State Park, which has areas for visitors to fish, climb, and camp. There are several lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers running along and through Black Rock State Park, so you can bring along your canoe as well as your fishing poles. There’s also the Branchbrook Campground nearby, so you can vacation alongside other nature lovers and meet other travelers from around the globe.

3. Highlands Hammock State Park

A lot of people go to Florida to see Mickey Mouse and company, but there are also other attractions in the Sunshine state where you can go to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. At Highlands Hammock State Park, there are nearly 10,000 acres of lush greenery to explore. There’s trees, swamps, ponds, and nature trails. There’s also an area that you can drive through in your car, so you can traverse this park on foot as well as via vehicle.

4. Jellystone Park Camp

If you haven’t ever camped on the beach before, you need to go to Jellystone Park Camp. Located in a small town called Lincoln, in the state of Delaware, this campground features cabins as well as a view of the Atlantic ocean. You’ll also be able to enjoy tax-free shopping while in town, so pick up some new camping gear to make the trip even more enjoyable.

No two camping trips are ever the same, so why go to the same location twice? Make each camping experience new by visiting new campsites all around the world. Whether you go to sunny Florida or take a plane over to California, you’ll always be able to find the perfect little spot to call your own for a while when you go camping.

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