4 Events You Don’t Want to Miss in London this March

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Whether you live just around the corner, or it constitutes a long day of travelling on a coach or minibus just to see the sights, London is a fantastic city to spend the day exploring and enjoying all it has to offer. There are a number of events occurring throughout the year, although no doubt London is at its busiest during the Holiday season when Christmas and The New Year are in full swing.

However Christmas and New Years have been and gone, Valentine’s Day crept up and disappeared before you realised it, and now we are well on our way to Easter so what can you do to pass the time on a day out in London? While you may have thought that all the most popular events and occasions have already come to pass, London is the kind of city that creates its own entertainment in the form of festivals, commemorations, celebrations and anniversaries. The month of March is no exception; so take a look at four reasons you will want to visit London this March.

  1. St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

parade-st-patricks-dayEvery year on the Sunday closest to the 17th of March, the Londoners organise a huge St Patrick’s Day parade in celebration of the Irish Saint. The parade is due to make its way down Piccadilly, travelling a 1.5-mile route that goes past some of London’s most iconic landmarks; The Ritz Hotel and Trafalgar Square for example.

The parade finishes at Whitehall, although the festival itself continues throughout the entire day at Trafalgar Square. Attendees can enter for free, enjoying a selection of St Patrick’s Day activities as well as an artisan Irish food market, film festivals, music and dance. This year the parade and festival will be held on the 13th of March as per tradition.

  1. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

The+Oxford+Cambridge+Boat+Race+Zard7v5ZShulNothing says good comradery like a bit of friendly competition. Every year the BNY Mellon Boat Race and the Newton Women’s Boat Race takes place on the river Thames continuing a tradition held between Oxford and Cambridge Universities that stretches back all the way to 1856. The races gather a crowd of nearly a quarter of a million spectators every year and it is one of the few free sporting events to be seen in London.

The course stretches on for four-and-a-quarter miles, with many places to stop and watch the race along the river. The most notable of these is along Putney Bridge and at Duke’s Meadows and Chiswick Bridge if you’re keen on watching the finale of the race. This year the event is held on the 27th March.

  1. The Passion of Jesus Performance

Holy-Week-Photo-Galle_Horo-e1364585372592Easter marks an important date for Christianity, so whether you are of the faith, or you simply like good theatre, head to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday this year to see a stunning re-enactment of the day Jesus is believed to have been arrested, tried and crucified. The Wintershall Players brings this event to life using a cast of more than 100 professionals, including horses, doves and donkeys to create a truly authentic scene, right in the heart of London.

The show has been an annual event in London for over 5 years and offers two separate 90-minute performances during the afternoon. Big screens have also been posted around the area for the event so that you’ll get a good view, wherever you sit.

  1. UCI Track Cycling World Championships

From the 2nd to the 6th March this year, head over to the Lee Valley VeloPark to watch the best cyclists in the world prove themselves in a series of events. The 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships cover a range of different events, including the Scratch Race, Points Race, Individual Pursuit, Time Trials and many more. It is a great opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to see the professionals, although tickets for this event are limited and are selling out fast.


As London itself is a fantastically busy city, there is never a dull moment so even if you plan on going to London on a ‘quiet’ day, there are countless things for you to see and do. For the theatre fans, there are a huge number of west end shows available to see, with hotels and restaurants aplenty, so you’re never left in the lurch when looking at food and accommodation. The many side streets and small shops of London are perfect for those shopaholics and London itself is home to a fantastic array of historical wonders that reflect the rich culture of the UK itself. Even if you’ve been there a hundred times, you’re sure to find something new every time you go and revisit London.

March in itself can be a busy month due to the start of Lent and Easter on its way, but with these four events, you are certainly not missing out on any fun. Watch on and see how London welcomes the start of the spring, or take a brisk stroll through one of the cities famous gardens and see the flowers begin to bloom. There are so many opportunities for families, tour groups and clubs to have a great day out in London, all you need to do is a little digging and there is a whole host of activities for you to explore and enjoy. So what are you waiting for?

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer living in London – working together with Best London Coach Hire, who were consulted over the information contained in this post.

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