4 Job Positions That Are Likely to Have Flexible Working Hours

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There are many reasons why you might be in need of a flexible work schedule for your job. Whether you’re currently studying for a university degree and need to work your job around that, have small children to care for, or are in the process of trying to get your own business off the ground, there’s no denying that flexible working hours can make it easier for you to get stuff done. However, in a world that’s still very much ruled by the office 9-5, finding flexible work isn’t always an easy task. Here are some job descriptions that are more likely to offer flexible working hours than most.

#1. Waiting and Hosting Staff:

When it comes to finding flexible work, restaurants are usually one of the best places to look. Usually, restaurants are open every day of the week and many will open late, offering several opportunities for more flexible working hours. Although you’ll likely need to have some idea of when you’ll be available to work at the time the rota is being made, many restaurants are happy for their staff to work as flexibly as they need, making it the perfect job option for students, busy parents, and those hoping to make a second income. You can also find temporary hospitality jobs at various restaurants through an agency – for example, you can find hostess jobs in London from this website.

#2. Retail:

Working in retail is still one of the best ways to get flexible hours, since many retail stores are open late and on the weekends. If you’re hoping for a second income, then working in a supermarket or clothing store during some evenings and weekend days could be a good option for you. Retail is also a great option for students who want to find a job that they can do during time off from class. There are several options to choose from, whether you want to work in fashion or prefer stacking shelves in a 24-hour supermarket. Many retail stores will also take on employees to work night shifts, which could include serving customers in a 24-hour store or working to restock shelves and clean for the coming morning.

#3. Bartending:

Working behind the bar is by no means the easiest job out there, however, it can be lots of fun and many bar jobs offer a flexible schedule. Most bar work is needed at the weekend, so if you don’t mind sacrificing your own nights out in order to make some extra money, you’ll find plenty of shifts available at pubs, clubs and bars. Bartenders must be over the age of eighteen in order to serve alcohol legally. For an even more flexible option, consider working as a bartender or bar support staff at events such as concerts or sports matches. You can usually find work with agencies that provide staff for these types of events which will allow you to choose which events you’d prefer to work.

#4. Delivery Driving:

If you have a full driving license and access to a suitable vehicle, you might want to consider flexible work as a delivery driver. Many delivery drivers work on a self-employed basis, allowing them to pick up work as and when they are able to. Usually, you will be notified via an application on your smartphone when work is available in your area. To be able to work legally as a delivery driver, you will need to take out business insurance on your vehicle.

Do any of these positions seem like a good fit for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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