4 Jobs That You Can Do Anywhere In The World

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There are those of us that vacation and those of us that truly travel.  For those that like to travel, they desire a perpetual state of adventure that can only be achieved by staying for prolonged amounts of times in destinations.


Unless you’re financially independent or a business tycoon, chances are you aren’t able to go months or years without working and still be able to live comfortably.  But how can you find a job that will work anywhere?

Take a look at some of these common jobs that people all over the world need no matter where you are.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise and therapy all over the world.  The nice thing about yoga is that it can appeal to both locals and tourists, so you are not limited to only one type of client.

Taking a course and getting certified as a yoga instructor is as easy as finding the best program that works for you.  Take a look online for certification programs in your area or perhaps even in your travel destination.  This way you can combine travel with your training.


A successful blog can make thousands a month and can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection.  Some people even choose to make their blog specifically for travel.  Each new location that they go to becomes a topic for their next post.

A career in blogging is a great way to have total flexibility and not have to work for anyone else.  This is an ideal profession for someone that has an independent and creative spirit.

English Teacher

Wherever you go in the world, English is always a useful tool.  Considered the universal language of the world, it is useful to non-native English speakers for both business and for leisure purposes.  

Try looking for a job in a school if you don’t feel confident about finding your own clients independently.  If you are more of an extrovert, try finding your own clients by networking and conversing with people around you.

Depending on the country you are planning on living in, you may have to get a certification.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a great profession for those that enjoy healing and connecting with others.  It is a great job to take on the road because of the versatility in how to run your business.

Any place where there are hotels has an opportunity for massage work.  Alternatively, if you prefer to work on your own, you can always do something as simple as setting up a massage table on the beach and aiming for tourists.

This is not always legal and may require work papers in some destinations so research the law wherever you are planning on going.

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