5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

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Conserving energy is a great way to help the environment and save a lot of money at home too (from electricity and utility bill savings). Below are 5 tips to boost your energy. 


1. Washing Machine

At 25 gallons per load, your washing machine is the biggest hot water hog in your home, especially if it’s more than ten years old. You can cut energy consumption in half by switching to cold water when washing clothes. Generally, the colder your water setting, the less energy. 

Additionally, here are some more laundry guidelines to help you save energy: Use cold water detergents. Set water level settings to match load size. Don’t wash small loads using the large water level setting. Turn down your water heater thermostat to 50 C (120 F).


2. Electronics

Whether it’s for work or play, we spend a lot of time plugged into electronics. Even our wireless devices charge at home. Being online all the time can eat up electricity, but making these small steps toward energy conservation can lead to big savings and a better planet. Unplug electronics, including chargers and extension cords, when not in use.


3. Solar Panels

The cost of electricity raises an average of 5% per year nationwide. Solar power can help offset these rapidly accelerating costs by reducing or eliminating these costs for years to come. Solar power also creates clean renewable power which benefits our environment. Many Little Rock houses for sale have solar panels already installed. If you are interested in buying a house with solar panels, one of the first questions to ask is whether the system is host-owned or leased. If it is a leased system, ask to review the contract before agreeing to assume the lease and move forward with the sale.


4. Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy at home is to embrace the use of natural light whenever possible. Simply opening the curtains and letting sunlight in, can go a long way toward reducing your electricity usage. To increase the use of natural light in your home, try arranging your workspace and often-used areas of your home so that sunlight fills the area during the day. You can also purchase lightweight curtains or blinds that provide privacy while still letting natural light filter through.


5. Appliances

If you are shopping for new appliances, make sure to look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star label before making a purchase. Energy Star appliances use between 10 and 50 percent less energy and water than their conventional counterparts. They may cost more than appliances without the Energy Star designation, but in most cases, they will more than make up that additional cost through energy savings.


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