6 High-tech Carry-on Gadgets You Need for Your Next Flight

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Whether you’re flying a short, domestic flight or headed overseas internationally, packing the perfect carry-on is crucial to a smooth flight. You should plan on bringing gadgets that entertain and keep you comfortable while you fly. Here are six high-tech carry-on gadgets you need for your next flight.

Tablet or Smartphone

If you had to choose only one high-tech gadget to travel with, a tablet, iPad or smartphone is the way to go. You can read a book, listen to music, download a movie, work on a report or play games with your portable, high-tech device from thousands of feet in the air. You can even text on your smartphone with T-Mobile’s in-flight Wi-Fi texting plan that allows you to stay connected even while you fly. If you’re flying domestically, you might not get the luxury of a personal television screen. You can solve this problem by getting the Netflix app on your smartphone and downloading movies or the next episode of your favorite show to view through your offline library even while on airplane mode.

Foot Warmers

We all know how cold the cabin gets during a long flight and how uncomfortable it is trying to fall asleep when you can’t feel your toes. The innovative ThermaCELL Heated Insoles is the solution to cold feet on your flight. These remote controlled foot warmers slip right into your shoes or slippers and maintain a medium or high source of heat, depending on your preference.

Jet Lag Fighting Glasses

Avoid the horrible symptoms of jet lag with ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses, designed to gradually adjust your body to a new time zone by changing the amount of light your eyes are exposed to. Slip these on over your normal glasses and watch a movie or read a book while the receptors in your eyes register the light emitted from the glasses and readjust your body clock.

A Great Pair of Headphones

Every seasoned traveler knows how important a great pair of headphones are on a flight, especially when there is a crying baby. The Odoyo Waterproof AQ Sport Headset is not only waterproof, dust proof, freeze proof, shockproof and sweat proof, it also has a noise canceling feature which will block noise from even the loudest baby. If you prefer a cordless set of headphones, Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce noise significantly while providing you with a deep and powerful sound for enjoying music and movies.

Airline Laptop Adapter

Keeping your laptop juiced for the duration of a long flight can be a difficult task. With Apple’s MagSafe Airline Adapter, you’ll be able to plug your laptop into the airplane’s seat power port and keep your MacBook powered on. Just a note, the adapter does not charge your laptop, it just keeps it on for you to use as long as it’s plugged in. You’ll have to find an electrical outlet in the terminal once you de-board the plane to fully charge your laptop.

Virtual Keyboard

If you prefer not to travel with your clunky keyboard but still want to be productive, a Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard provides an easy-to-pair alternative to use with your smartphone or tablet. Plus, it’s so tiny, you can hang it on your key chain. The advanced optics inside track your fingers and, with the rechargeable battery, you have up to two hours of continuous typing right under your fingertips. 

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