6 Must-See Art Galleries and Museums for Your Next Travel Destination

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Are you an avid art lover and globe trotter? Looking to combine your passions on an international trip? If so, look no further, your dream destination art galleries and museums are listed here with beautiful culture and countries surrounding them. Included here are a few of the most striking art galleries and museums in the world with plenty of vacation atmosphere to enjoy.

Park West Gallery, Southfield, Michigan

A dynamic art collector from a young age, Albert Scaglione designed Park West Gallery with the intention of bringing art to the masses. He dreamed of a world where people of all income levels could own authentic art and be able to appreciate artistic talent. Park West Gallery has become one of the largest galleries in the United States, dealing with many auctions and dealers.


Le Louvre, Paris, France

A French vacation is on nearly everyone’s agenda, and what better place to visit than the incredible “medieval fortress turned museum” that is France’s Louvre. The main pyramid entrance to the Louvre is able to seamlessly integrate some of the museum’s disparate elements. With collections from antiquity to the 19th Century, this museum houses some of the world’s most prized possessions.

The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

With a striking transparent glass floor, the Acropolis offers walk-over history views of archaeology to the sanctuaries of Athenians. Exhibits in the Archaic Gallery allow visitors to view all sides of each object while illuminating them with natural light. Settlements have been excavated surrounding this museum, allowing visitors an exclusive glimpse into ancient Athenian life.

State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Catherine the Great founded this incredibly baroque gallery in 1764 with the purchase of 255 paintings from Berlin. Western European Art holds the focal point of the gallery with 120 rooms holding pieces ranging from the Middle Ages to present day. The museum fills six buildings along the Neva river, with the blue-and-white Winter Palace being the leading entryway.


The British Museum, London, England

As the largest museum in Britain, the British Museum houses more than eight million objects documenting the national collection of ethnography and archaeology. With everything from prehistoric bones to chunks of Athens Parthenon, the British Museum has history for every traveller. Take time to view entire Assyrian palace rooms as well as exquisite jewels from centuries past. The Egyptian Gallery contains the largest collection of Egyptian history outside of Egypt, including the famed Rosetta Stone that was carved in 196 B.C.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

With centuries of kings and queens commissioning art with exquisite taste, it is no wonder the Prado has developed an incredible collection of classical masterpieces. With artwork from Spanish greats as well as Italian and Flemish artists, the gallery has been open to the public since 1819.

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