6 Quintessential Prohibition Signs To Note

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A prohibition sign is a safety sign which one would see in a red circular band with a Red Cross bar on a white background. Within the band is a symbol in black indicating that a particular behaviour is prohibited. To ensure the safety of the people, the usage of these signs have come up. We have mentioned some of the commonly used prohibition symbols to help people understand what particular behaviour isn’t acceptable in a given area.

  1. No smoking symbols

One of the most common signs on display nowadays in almost all public places, public transports, hospitals and at times even on roads. Smoking is a health hazard for the smoker and those around him. The sign is available in aluminium sheets, or hard plastic and also adhesive vinyl stickers. Do your research properly before you set out to purchase one of these signs.

  1. Do not use hand held mobile phone while driving

Not everyone can avail these costly hands-free devices, so the use of smartphones is quite common while driving. Authorities place these signs in such a manner that it is noticeable to every driver on the road. These signs are large on reflector sheets and are also seen on aluminium plates or hard plastics with a few present on adhesive vinyl stickers.

  1. Carry your pets

It’s a common sign that you would observe near the escalators. For the safety of the pets, it is best to carry them instead of making them stand on the escalator unless they are trained likewise. These signs are available on adhesive vinyl stickers which are more common than the aluminium plated or the hard plastic ones.

  1. No access symbol

No Access symbol is used to keep inquisitive individuals away from getting access to the prohibited areas. Hospitals use it to restrict outsiders from entering sensitive areas like an operation theatre, or labs where hazardous experiments are ensuing.

  1. Hold handrail escalator

These signs are seen near the escalators. This is a safety sign put up for the benefit of the public. These signs come in the variety of hard plastic, aluminium sheets, and even polycarbonate.

  1. No dogs allowed

This is a symbol most commonly encountered in front of the transport system and shopping stores. This prohibition sign is available in aluminium sheets, hard plastic and also adhesive vinyl stickers. Pet lovers often find this symbol offending as their pets have to wait outside the shop for their master to return.


These are some of the commonly used prohibition signs.  Apart from the ones mentioned above, you also have other signs like ‘water not safe for drinking’, ‘avoid radiation’ and others. The cost varies with respect to sellers and as per the mode of purchase. If your seller allows and gives you customisation options, you can customise the sign as per your requirements.

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