Affordable Locations To Stay In London

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London is a favourite with expats from all over the world who work and stay in the city. It is the financial hub of Europe, second only to the Big Apple and home to some of the biggest conglomerates and brands. It comes as no surprise then as being a preferred choice of workplace for millions. While the city is indeed prohibitively expensive, the fact is that there are affordable properties in various locations in London if you know where to look!


To begin with if you are shifting to London to work and stay here you need to find temporary accommodation till you find a suitable pair of digs, which you can then rent. While there are accommodation options galore all over London, the hotels near Osterley are a good choice to stay, on a temporary basis.

If you are looking for value for money then look no further than the Park Grand London Heathrow gateway hotel, which offers the finest of facilities at a very affordable price. Once you have settled in you could then begin your search for a suitable place to stay. Some of the more affordable locations to look for rental property in London include:


For those who are keen to stay in the trendy Kensington area but are not too comfortable about the high costs, an apt alternative is Holloway. It is conveniently perched not too far away from the restaurants and shopping pots of Camden, Kentish Town and Tufnell Park. The advantage of staying in Holloway is that it offers value for money, with excellent connectivity to Central London via the Overground and Northern Line. And if you are a football enthusiast you are within relatively easy reach of Arsenal!


This lovely spot lies snug close to the right of Barnet. It is in North London and this beautiful leafy locale is popular with expat families on account of the prices as well as the close proximity of some fine schools. There are elegant 1930s styled houses and travelling to the centre of the city is a breeze, thanks to the Piccadilly Line. That combined with superb restaurants, delis and cafes makes it a wonderful option to stay at in the city.


Although Tottenham as a location had not been too desirable to stay in the past, thankfully things have begun to change. This is due to the massive regeneration programs to redevelop the area, as well as the addition of new homes and generation of jobs in the area. That combined with the setting up of a number of new schools have given the place a new lease of life. Tottenham is certainly on the ascendancy and the good news is that there are some great properties available at relatively reasonable prices. Transport options are good as well, courtesy of the Piccadilly Line and Victoria Lane that makes getting to the city convenient.

Wood Green

The location of Wood Green makes it a covetable spot to stay, with Alexandra Park nearby and quaint Victorian terraced properties, a massive shopping centre and cosy pubs to visit. It is well suited both to single professionals and young families who are on the lookout for affordable property to stay at in the North of London.  And the city centre is not too far away with the Piccadilly Line that will take you to Central London in under half an hour.


The area of Hornsey is also within an easy commute of Alexandra Park and lies to the South of the district of Wood Green. Hornsey is the perfect alternative for those who want to stay in the Crouch end area but find it too expensive. Its high street has an abundance of restaurants, shops and bars; in short it has all the amenities that you need to stay in comfort. Commuting is easy thanks to Hornsey Station as well as the Turnpike Lane Underground.


The district of Enfield is to be found on the outskirts of Northern London. Its location offers it a rustic like feel which is a result of its proximity to Middlesex. And it is a reasonably swift commute to central London as well. There is a lot of to be found in the area in terms of shopping and other daily amenities, and it a charming place to stay with the park and the canal ideal for long strolls. On the weekends you could drop in at any of the country styled pubs for a beer or two!


Stratford experienced a shot in the arm thanks to the redevelopment program that was carried out for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Since then it has become a popular location for rental properties with some cool bargains to be had. With a massive shopping centre (Westfield), plenty of new houses and great connectivity, with both the Underground and the Central Line to transport travellers to London in a short time, it has everything going great guns for it. And is you do feel like a foreign jaunt, whiz along on the Eurostar from Stratford International Station to enjoy the weekend in chic Paris.


Leyton is another district that is not too distant from Stratford. It also was an area designated for a makeover during the London Olympics in 2012. There are plenty of wonderful terraced properties available for rental purposes. Getting to Central London is a doddle with the Central Line having you in the city within a quarter of an hour. With Westfield Shopping centre and a fine selection of restaurants and bars it is a lovely place to call home.

These are just a few of the top spots that are a cost-effective alternative to staying within Central London. They offer easy access to the city centre along with good amenities, while being much more affordable to stay at.

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