Best spots for photography in London

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If you are passionate about photography, London is the best city to plan your next holiday. It has some of the most historic and iconic landmarks and buildings to explore. Proof of the city’s popularity is the record numbers of tourists who visit London every year.

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One such hotel that is known for its premium facilities and hospitality is the elegant Park Grand London Kensington hotel that is located in the city centre. It is within close proximity of some of the best attractions in the city, which are also ideal for photography. Just ensure to carry your DSLR and a tripod and there are locations galore for photographers of all levels. From historic architecture to museums and iconic landmarks, there are some incredible places to shoot great photographs.    Some of the best spots for photography in London are:

Big Ben & Houses of Parliament: Probably out of the most iconic structures that symbolise London are Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  Click photos here and you can be sure that they would be recognised across the world. They are two of the coolest spots in London for photography whether you a dilettante or a full-fledged professional. To get the best shots move across the Thames and move to the right, where there are some great views, which make it ideal to bring the shutterbugs into action!

The Tower Bridge: There always is something so fascinating about a bridge. And they certainly do not come cooler than London’s iconic Tower Bridge. You can get a wide variety of excellent shots from all corners of the structure. Try to line up towards the Southern end of the Thames to get some great photographs. Another great spot location is over by City Hall (another great structure to photograph). The wide pedestrian walkway is a place where are bound to see quite a few photographers lined up and waiting for right angle or ambient light. While in the city make it a point to shoot some great photographs of this magnificent landmark.

Red phone booths: While it certainly does not qualify remotely as a location, it certainly does make up for it in the wow factor! The city’s iconic red phone booths have featured in numerous movies and are just awesome places to click away. With the advent of cell phones, phone booths are destined to be relegated to the pages of history. So why not make the most of them while they are still available to shoot some great photos there. You will find quite a few of them near Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, apart from other locations in the city.

Kensington Palace: One among the many beautiful palaces in London, Kensington Palace is another great spot to test your talent as a photographer. The only hitch is that tripods are not allowed within the palace building unless arrangements are made in advance (this is to protect the floor from damage). Also you are not allowed access behind barriers or ropes and selfie-sticks are prohibited within. Other than these restrictions there are ample areas to click some great photos. And then there is the palace gardens, which are a photographer’s delight. And the good news is that both selfie-sticks and tripods may be used in the gardens (as long as other visitors are not inconvenienced). The majestic surroundings of the palace and especially, the gardens make them a great location for photography.

The London Eye: The London Eye makes for a great subject for photographers. You could choose to get some great shots by selecting a vantage point on Westminster Bridge (which also offers excellent shots of the Houses of Parliament as well. One of the best times to take photos is around dusk, when the light fades in the background and the Eye lights up stunningly. Another option is to shoot from within the London Eye, which also offers spectacular views of the city skyline and the surrounding vista. One a clear bright day you will get some of the best views, which make it ideal for photography. The only hitch is that tripods are not permitted within the capsule. You will have to make the most of your hand held camera to get the best shots.


Madame Tussauds: One of the biggest attractions in the city, Madame Tussauds is a top draw with tourists and visitors to London. It offers the perfect opportunity to take up-close and personal photographs, with some of the most well known celebrities and even royalty! Well that is partially true! You do indeed get an opportunity to get snapped with some of the most famous personalities, albeit you get to do it with a wax replica! They are rather lifelike and you could choose from music greats to sports legends, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Rihanna, David Beckham and Usain Bolt among numerous other greats. And then there is an opportunity to take a selfie with the Queen or with Prince William, to make your mates back home go green with envy.

Leake Street: Another unusual, off the beaten track area for photography is Leake Street’s Graffiti Tunnel. It is awash with graffiti all over the place. While it admittedly is unusual, there are some great shots of graffiti that are unique and make for a great photo-op. There are really cool signs as well, so get your camera ready and click away to grab some totally quirky, but fun photographs of one of the more unique areas for photography in London.

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