Book a catered apartment for your Winter Getaway

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Whilst summer is the most popular period for holidays, many are deciding to use the extended break they have over Christmas to get away from their daily lives on a winter break. If you live in the UK, the different parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all offer a variety of locations and scenery that are perfect for a winter ‘staycation’.

Finding the right accommodation is essential as having a warm and welcoming place to stay after a day of adventuring is priceless in the colder seasons of the year. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits a catered apartment can bring to your winter getaway.


  1. Catered apartments let you relax without upkeep tasks

Taking the stress out of travelling is essential given the potential mishaps that can occur when you take to the skies in a foreign destination. The last thing you want is to have to worry about who is doing the cooking and cleaning when you are at your accommodation. This is where a good catered apartment comes in.

A lot of the time they will have a designated ‘caretaker’ whose role it is to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible. They will take care of laundry, cleaning, washing up and the rest of the utilities, really putting the ‘catered’ in catered apartments.


  1. Catered apartments are located throughout the UK

If you are opting for a domestic winter getaway you will not be short of options when it comes to catered apartments. All of the main cities around the country, like Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol and London have catered apartment providers for all areas of the market. This wide range of choice will increase the chances of you finding the perfect option for you.


  1. They are perfect if you are spending Christmas at families further afield

Many of us end up spending Christmas with family that may be located around the country. In many cases, however, they do not have the room to accommodate too many additional guests. Finding a well-located catered apartment means you will not have to compromise on comfort for your stay. This is a good option if you are staying with your family for more than a couple of days.



Try and stick to quality over price for your catered apartments

If you are naturally inclined to be on the hunt for a bargain, it can be difficult to spend a bit more when you are looking for your catered apartment. Despite this we recommend that you do exactly that. You will be far more likely to enjoy your stay if you are in a high quality catered apartment.

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