Choosing the Ideal Holiday Timepiece

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In the true spirit of backpacking and keeping things light (mostly), I’ll keep encouraging fellow travellers to do just that — travel as light as possible so that you have less to worry about logistically and more to enjoy about your trip. So I often go through some items which are of importance and those which you can really leave behind.

If you’ve in anyway followed any of the advice I might have put together in the past, you’d perhaps think along the lines of leaving behind something like your watch with the view that you’re going to be using your Smartphone to check the time and while the thinking behind that is exactly what I encourage, in the specific case of telling the time things are a little different.

You should definitely have a timepiece and not use your Smartphone to check the time, quite simply because rather fittingly, that will save you a lot of time and energy. How so?

Well a watch doesn’t take up any additional luggage space since you wear it on your wrist, so no extra fees of any sort and no eating up valuable luggage real-estate. The real beauty of wearing a holiday timepiece however comes into view when you’re on your holiday and even while you’re still headed to your destination in that you save a lot of time checking the time. You don’t have to constantly dig into your pocket or your handbag to check the time on your mobile phone. It may be small savings, but you also save battery power when you don’t constantly hit the power button to bring your mobile phone out of its sleep mode and it all adds up over the duration of a vacation.

As far as picking out a holiday timepiece goes, it should be all about your own personal style and very little about what the current trends are, although that’s not to say you won’t find a watch to suit your personal style which is currently trending. What’s more, as an international traveller you’ll have ample opportunity to even pick out your ideal holiday watch at a little bit of a cheaper price if you go duty-free with your shopping.

Timepieces make for one of the most coveted items sold in a duty-free mall or on the in-flight duty-free run, with some of the latest and best designs available. If you shop for your timepiece at a duty-free mall, you can even go as far as arranging watch insurance right there and then by perhaps going online.

Otherwise the ideal holiday timepiece is one which firstly completes its function of giving you quick and easy access to the time without getting in the way, and secondly, one which mirrors your own personal taste and style, which means it will go well with any holiday outfit you turn out in, whether you’re going out to a formal event for the night or even if you’re just relaxing at the beach.

When you see the ideal timepiece for you, you’ll just know by how it draws you in and how it feels on your wrist.

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