Cleaning During Travel Vacations: Some Dos and Don’ts

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Even though it’s something you might not want to think about too much or focus on, cleaning while you’re out on vacation is at least something that you should have a basic plan for. Yes, if you stay at a hotel, the cleaning is largely supposed to be done for you, but there are still basic things that you can take care of individually.


And, if you’re just staying at a condo for instance, you can go through a checklist to make sure you don’t run into problems with dirt and grime. Five particular topics to consider include using natural cleaners during your scrubs, washing bedsheets, cleaning coffee machines, using towel service (probably at hotels) and taking care of dishware that you use.

Natural Cleaners

In general, you can feel safer about using natural cleaners during your vacation stays. Especially if you’re planning on wandering around barefoot or in swimsuits (tropical vacation, right!?), you want to avoid some of the harsher chemicals when you’re taking care of bathtubs or even kitchen surfaces. Plus, natural cleaners are often way cheaper than their chemical counterparts, and you can feel safe with them around kids as well.

Washing Bedsheets

If you’re headed somewhere that already has beds set up, it’s not uncommon to at least strip the beds and wash the sheets once before sleeping in them. There are concerns about bedbugs in some areas, and then there are always rumors and urban legends about reused and recycled sheets that can make any tourist or traveler nervous. The safest way to have peace of mind is to simply throw them in the laundry as soon as you get to your destination and call it good.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are notorious for never getting cleaned, so a quick scrub with white vinegar are a solid disassembling and reassembling will put your mind at ease. There are pretty horrible stories about mold getting caught in some kinds of coffee machines over time, so it’s worth going through the motions of cleaning out the parts and pieces, for sure.

Towel Service

If you’re at a hotel that picks up towels regularly for laundry, you might as well use the service. Especially in some environments, wet towels can get stacked up and gross in the matter of a few shorts hours, so have a constant supply of clean dry ones will just feel nice and hygienic.


And if you’re somewhere that has dishes, you should probably wash them before the first time that you use them. Renting a condo? The plates that are at the place, and the cups as well, may have been gathering dust for a bit. Rinse those before first use for peace of mind.


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