Clear Your Mind With a Caribbean Yacht Charter

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Free yourself from city congestion and sail the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Do it because your decision-making process at work has become muddy. Do it because you just forgot to buy milk. Do it because you don’t feel in control of your own destiny anymore. Do it because it’s fun, amazing, spectacular and number of other adjectives that can aptly describe the pleasures of discovery.

A bareboat yacht charter is about manning your own vessel, the freedom to navigate the waters of your choice, and the pure thrill of being in control of your own beautiful vessel.

The perfect city break doesn’t have to lack in culture and nightlife either. The Bahamas are chock-a-block with fine dining restaurants, spas, bustling markets and plenty of live bands to serenade any musical liking. Go to bars, clubs or enjoy an empty beach while the moon romantically draws its light over lapping waves.  Caribbean islands have plenty to offer from fine dining to historic landmarks and museums. Here are three reasons to choose Caribbean sailing tranquility over city noise this holiday season.

You already know the first good reason…

But in case you haven’t guessed it, a bareboat yacht charter is the perfect get-away-from-it-all adventure. The freedom to sail anywhere, be on your own schedule, do as you please, take control and get in touch with natural wonder from underwater caves to a rainbow of life just beneath your yacht. Setting course for Caribbean blue (and it doesn’t really matter which Caribbean blue, they’re all stunning) is possibly one of the most memorable and relaxing breaks you could dream of. That’s why.


That one old bus they still run that just blew a cloud of smoke in your face as you missed it by seconds, screaming and shouting. The booming club base causing your stacked plates to constantly clatter. The crazy homeless man shouting outside your bedroom window at 3AM on a Thursday morning. Just imagine it…. you…. a beautiful partner by your side… the sea… the sound of waves gently rocking your boat… peace and quiet. That’s why.


Everything in the Caribbean is just so fresh. Fresh fish, fresh fruits – fresh coconuts from the tree, cut and poured straight into your Martini glass – that fresh feeling you get from snorkeling – that fresh feeling you get being pampered at a spa that’s right on the beach. That fresh air that beats the city smoke any day. That’s why.

Cities are great for many things, but Caribbean sailing isn’t one of them. Choose a bareboat yacht charter, get away from it all, and be the captain of your own noise-cancelling destiny.

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