Dining Tips for Universal Studios Singapore

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Travelling can be hard on anyone, let alone a family with young kids. But one of the joys of travelling is when you pick cities that have an amusement park for everyone, like the Universal Studios Singapore. This is the kind of place where the kids can have fun in everything from a world based on famous science fiction locations to a place called Far Far Away that is based on the many wonderful animated locations in Universal films. But one of the great things about places like the many Universal Studios amusement parks, is that they have everything you need including fun and healthy places to eat. So when you aren’t too busy planning which ride you want to take next, your family can choose from one of the many dining options at the park. Here are just a few we think work really well for families with kids visiting the Universal Studios Singapore amusement park.


Sci-Fi Eating Adventures

While you would expect an out of this world dining experience while visiting Universal Studios Sci-Fi City, the park within a park has lots of interesting places to eat. The one place that kids seem to clamor for is the StarBot Café. This themed little shop has a bit of something for everyone and the décor to keep the kids wanting to stay and eat longer. You won’t get this opportunity very often, so enjoy the time when the kids are fascinated with the many robots on display to enjoy your own tasty meal.

Eating with the Stars

Of course, there are more than one type of star in a place like Universal Studios. The themed area called Hollywood offers a look at the flesh-and-blood stars of tinsel town with a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame Singapore-style and even a real Mel’s Diner. This authentic 50s style diner is a staple in Los Angeles and has been featured in countless films. Your kids will be thrilled to have their burgers at the chrome plated iconic counter and sweet chocolate milkshakes just like the ones they serve up in Hollywood.

Lost in Lost World

But who can even think of visiting Universal Studios without at least one visit to Lost World and its host of fantastic dinosaurs? Make sure the kids have finished up those ice cream cones before they head out to see the many creatures from the hit film Jurassic Park, because they will probably forget them once they set their eyes on these life-like recreations. One roar is all it takes and ice cream is dripping down in forgotten wonder.

Cafes, Restaurants and More

Of course, these are just a few of the highlights of great places to eat when you visit Singapore’s wonderful Universal Studios Park. Each of the seven parks within the park have a theme and their own restaurants. Many of your favorite chains are in the park as well. Since some kids are not adventurous eaters, this may end up being the best solution for the child that won’t eat anything they don’t know or haven’t had before. So whether you are looking for new eating adventures or something familiar while on the road, you can have what you want when visiting Singapore’s latest and greatest family styled amusement park.

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