Finding Interesting Architecture On Your Travels

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There are a few things that people regularly find interesting doing while they’re out traveling. One of those activities is to find interesting architecture. Lots of things on vacations cost money. But, simply finding areas where you can look and appreciate certain buildings, especially ones with historical value, is one of those free activities that can still fill your time with enjoyment.

A few of these architectural curiosities that you might find while you are out vacationing include churches, libraries, sports arenas, and famous homes. Depending on what part of the world you’re traveling in, some of these may be popular tourist destinations. In other cases, sometimes you will find out of the way areas to head to where these types of buildings will spark your interest.


Even if you aren’t particularly religiously oriented, looking at church designs can be a fun activity. Because of the passion that many people feel toward their religious and spiritual centers, churches are often some of the most beautiful buildings in any town. Especially in some of the larger, more famous cities around the world, there will nearly always be a handful of religious sites that bring in all sorts of attention. It’s at those sites that you may have some of your more memorable experiences in terms of people watching as well.


Touring amazing libraries is another way to look for interesting architecture on your journeys. Before the digital age overtook everything, libraries were a source of information, and a major testament to the learning prowess of different cultures. That said, library designers took special note to make sure that beauty and intelligence were incorporated into all of their overall structures. In college towns particularly, you can see some of the most amazing libraries in the world, as they are often associated with the educational programs of an area.

Sports Arenas

For the sports fan, it’s absolutely fascinating to look at the architecture of sports arenas. At different points in history, there had to be different accommodations for different sports and varying numbers of people that came through to watch certain events. In the modern era, there are absolutely spectacular examples of engineering that allow so many tens of thousands of people to gather safely in order to be entertained by their favorite athletic teams.

Famous Homes

And finally, sometimes it’s fun to look at where famous people live in order to see what kind of architectural vision they have for themselves. Not all famous people are designers or are willing to hire designers, so there are some really interesting examples of design gone wrong in some of the mansions that celebrities live in. However, there are also some very interesting examples of amazing customized structures that have been created over the years for the rich and the powerful.


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