Five Idyllic Urban City Escapes

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What happens when you want to go on a city break, but you don’t want to visit the usual busy, crowded streets? Well, you need to pick a city that offers more than skyscrapers and traffic jams. You need to pick an idyllic city escape. These cities are vibrant, buzzing areas with everything you could ask for from a city break. However, they’ve got secret escapes, where you can pretend you’re in the middle of nowhere, enjoying gorgeous, peaceful views. If you’re on a limited budget or time frame, you can’t afford to be visiting several parts of the country. So, see as much as you can with these all-encompassing city escapes.


The gem of Portugal, Lisbon is always at the top of lists for anyone looking for a city escape with a difference. From its delectable fresh seafood to its chic hotels and stunning views, this city has something for everyone. The relaxed, easy-going nature of its people gives it a gorgeous flow: there’s no rushing here. The architecture is stunning, and it’s worth booking onto a tour to visit as much as you can. Plus, the shopping is excellent – it’s not known as a fashion capital for nothing. Travel site Mr Hudson Explores, has some fab tips on what to check out when you visit this stunning city.


Croatia is fast becoming a vacation favorite with both Europeans and Americans alike. Its Adriatic coastline is like nowhere else in the world, and down at its southern point, sits Dubrovnik. This city, steeped in history and culture, sits into the Croatian mountains. You’ll be able to spend your days exploring the steep alleyways, and exclusive bars tucked away in mountain-side retreats. Wine, food and luxurious hotels just add to the wonderful activities to choose from in this brilliant city.


If you’re paying a visit to Latin America, Bogotá should be top of your list. This cultural hotspot has had a turbulent history, but in recent years it’s become a traveler’s favorite. Tucked away in gorgeous green hills, you’ll feel the city vibe meeting the sublime environment around it. Bogotá’s street art is, without a doubt, one of the best attractions to make time for, as is getting to the top of Monserrate Mountain.


While you can visit the majority of Canadian cities and get the right mix between breath-taking views and awesome city-inspired activities, Vancouver takes the top spot. From the night-time ski slopes to the floating villages, you’ll be able to experience hundreds of different cultures and lifestyles, all in one city. Plus, the people are some of the friendliest in the world: you’ll never meet city-dwellers so happy to help a tourist out.


When most visitors to the UK head straight to London, they miss out on one of the island’s best cities: Bristol. With everything from high-end fashion and seriously smart restaurants, to edgy backstreets with a vibrant nightlife, you’ll be able to experience everything this gorgeous corner of England has to offer. Bristol is a microcosm of wonderful food, people and sights. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of the city’s most iconic attractions, set in gorgeous countryside. Then, go to the other end of the spectrum, and visit the bustling Gloucester Road.

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