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Garuda Wisnu Kencana culture park, or GWK, is a recreation park located at southern part of Bali. At this place, lies another masterpiece from Indonesia, crafted wholeheartedly from her culture. There you can see a giant statue of Wisnu riding Garuda, his mount and also the national symbol of the largest archipelago nation in the world: Indonesia. Once completed, this statue will beat Lady Liberty with at least 75 m in height.

It’s Not Just a Statue

1I Nyoman Nuarta, the person behind this wonderful statue believed that once completed, this statue would stand as the most amazing statue in the world. It is unique. Not because of its size, but because this statue is crafted from the magnificent culture of Indonesia. This statue is the face of Indonesia and its people.

            Wisnu, as depicted by this statue, is believed to be a god in Hindu mythology. It was told in Mahabharata book, that Wisnu once had a legendary bird, called Garuda. Before he was born, his aunt kidnapped Garuda’s mother and kept her as prisoner. Later, a priest came to the world and brought an egg, from which Garuda would be born.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to years. Finally, Garuda was born. However, unlike any other bird, Garuda soon realized that there was something missing from his life. Even though the gods graced him with legendary power, he felt emptiness in his heart. He believed that his life is missing something, something so important that left his heart empty. Soon he realized that it was because he was born without knowing who her mother was. Then, Garuda began his quest. He traveled earth and heaven only to find that his mother, the one he missed so much, was kept as prisoner in heaven. The worst thing is, it was his aunt who masterminded the kidnapping.

She told Garuda that the only way to free his mother was to bring her 1000 snakes and Amerta water, two treasures that only gods have. Garuda agreed, but it was never a deal to him. Using some tricks, Garuda fooled her aunt. He finally could free his mother without handing the water. In their way back to home, Garuda met with Wisnu who asked him to give the water back to gods. In replacement, he asked Garuda to become his riding.

Wonderful Indonesia

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is not the only attraction in the park. Let’s not forget the reason people call Bali as the Island of Gods. This island really has beautiful natural scenery.

Looking for more?

            Don’t worry. There are plenty others. This park gets everything you like, from art performance, exhibitions, casino, to religious rituals. In Bali, you don’t have to be a Hindu to enjoy their spiritual rituals. This is the real beauty of Indonesia. Everyone can learn cultural diversity and how to respect others. May peace be with us always.

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