Getting Away From the City: The Most Revitalising Places that City Dwellers Should Visit

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Ah, city life. There really is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre. The hum of cars, the bustle of people and the collection of life can be a truly encompassing and collective environment to be a part of. But have you ever just wanted a break from it all? Have you ever fancied a little bit of peace and quiet amongst the hustle? I bet you have! Well, take a look at some of the best places to visit if you feel like you just need a break from city life – even if it is just fo a little while.

Cottages and Countrysides

The tried and tested city centre break – the countryside. But what will make your trip to the country even better? That’s right, a cottage will! If you fancy a little break from city living then why not head off to a cottage in the countryside? Make tea on the stove and listen to the bleating of sheep from your very own porch for the week. You don’t even have to venture beyond the UK to get your break!

Mountain Treks and Fresh Air

Living in the city means that we often miss out on the fresh air and exercise that we should be getting. Pack up the treadmill and go for a run in the wilderness instead! I promise it’s a lot more invigorating. There are so many amazing treks, hikes and runs to go on in the world, and it may just be time that you ventured beyond the UK to find some of the world’s most revitalising walks! Plus, with cheap Bournemouth Airport Parking, there really is no reason not to! Here are a few of the revitalising and city-free places that you could go:

  • Nepal: One of the world’s most unique and popular hiking destinations is Nepal. Tucked away between the mountainous peaks of the Himalayas, this wonderfully diverse and energy promoting landscape will certainly give you the break that you are looking for!
  • Iceland: Put those walking books on and head off to the wind stricken, reinvigorating views of Iceland. With waterfalls, pebble paths, icy landscaped and hot springs, you really will find the break that you are looking for in Iceland.
  • Spain: Head to one of the many mountainous regions of Spain for your city break, and get the break that you need! The Cantabrian Mountains, located on the northern coast, is one of the best places to explore! 

Log Cabins and Dense Woodlands

If you go out to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise – pure revitalising air and a psychologically beneficial ambience! The woods seem to have a somewhat profound effect on many of us. From poets and musicians to artists, woodlands take a prime place in many creative aspects of life. So it is definitely evident that they provide us with deep healing properties. The rejuvenating aspects of woodlands, and being able to snuggle up in your very own log cabin far away from the hustle of the city, will give you the break that you have been looking for.

Unwinding on the Beach

Lets face it, we all love spending the day at the beach. Kicking it back with an ice cold cocktail on the warm sand is probably one of the most sought after breaks that us city-dwellers look for. With only an umbrella to shade us, a beach break is surely one of the best places to truly unwind. Take a look at two of the best beaches for you to visit both within, and outside of, the UK:

  • The Cornish Coastline: This is probably one of the best places for you to visit if you are looking for a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cliff top coastal walks, sandy beaches and gorgeous dunes will be a welcome distraction.
  • Indonesia: why not travel further afield and get a more secluded break from central city living? Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. From long sandy plains and crystal blue water, to lazing in a hammock by the seafront, you will certainly find the break that you are looking for here.

There are so many places that you can visit in order to get the break that you are looking for. From cottage and countryside retreats to mountain treks, log cabins in the woods, and beachside relaxations, getting away from the city really is a great way to let yourself unwind. So book yourself a revitalising break now, and get the open air and exercise that you need. The city will be at home waiting for you!

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