Getting Kitted Out for the Great Outdoors

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Well there used to be time when the headache of what to wear was one exclusively associated with the ladies, but lads like to look good too if not presentable at the very least, something which can become a bit of a challenge when you’re going out to engage in specific outdoor activities like walking, fishing, golfing, camping, etc. The original goal is to be comfortable while going at it with these popular outdoor activities, but at the same time you don’t want anybody to be able to guess what it is you’re going to be getting up to just by taking one look at you.

The Basics

Generally you want to dress according to what will keep you comfortable while you’re busy with whatever activity you’re going out to do, which starts with a consideration of the season. You can always shed some of the clothes you’re wearing if you find yourself overdressed, but you don’t want to be caught in the cold with clothes that aren’t warm enough.

So in the colder months something like a thermal vest and thermal ski pants will do to cover the basics, which you can then cover with a nice sweatshirt so that you don’t have to dress up too heavily. Leave your jacket in the car just in case you’ll need it and then top off the look with tracksuit pants, casual trousers or jeans, depending on what activity you’ll be engaging in. You don’t want any trousers which are too tight if you’re going to be hiking or walking for instance, so track-pants will do, otherwise you can go out in your shorts if it’s during the warmer months of the year.

Remember that with something like camping the temperature will plummet after dark and it’ll generally be a bit cold overnight, so some warmer clothes are required, like perhaps a bomber jacket and knitted tracksuit pants.

Tailoring Your Look to Your Outdoor Activity

Certain outdoor activities are just made to go with specific attire. If you’re going to be golfing for example, the greens are a place for more than just swinging golf clubs with quite a bit of business often being discussed while chasing each next hole-in-one. So you’d perhaps want to maintain a little bit of a formal look to your dress code, which can be achieved through some high wasted corduroy trousers so that you can still enjoy a full range of motion while looking like you’re ready for the boardroom at the same time. Many other casual/semi-formal trousers which are great for the greens of the golf course are available from Chums, otherwise dressing for the great outdoors simply comes down to a matter of being able to maintain the full range of motion for the activity you’ll be enjoying.

The colour of your trainers for example can have you getting away with pairing those trainers with just about any outfit and look, in which case you’d probably go for darker coloured trainers for their styling and the comfort they offer.

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