Great UK Holidays – even if it’s raining!

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If you want guaranteed warm weather and sunshine when you’re on holiday then you need to go abroad. Whilst we do get nice weather in the UK, you simply can’t guarantee it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great holiday anyway, even if the weather is less than pleasant.

Here are some great UK holiday ideas that don’t rely on amazing weather for you to have a good time…

Cottage Break

If you simply want somewhere quiet where you can put your feet up and relax then a cottage break could be just what you need. There are plenty of places across the UK, such as the Lake District or Cotswolds that have numerous idyllic villages and delightful cottages in which you can put the fire on and relax. There’s nearly always a village pub too, which is always a winner!


Centre Parcs

Whilst there are lots of outdoor activities at Centre Parcs, there are also a huge range of indoor activities to take part in too, so you shouldn’t be short of things to do if it’s raining. A lot of the villas and chalets are pretty nice too, so you can always just relax there if you want some down time.

Holiday camps

Some may think that holiday camps are a thing of the past, but the truth is they have never been so popular. Holiday camps such as Butlins and Pontins are fantastic fun for the whole family, and whilst they do have plenty of outdoor activities if you get some decent weather, there’s a lot you can do indoors, especially with some great evening entertainment. They’re all over the country; just click here to see some of the activities they have available.



You might think that going camping when it’s raining is the worst holiday possible, but it can actually be great fun! Just as long as you can put the tent up and take it down in the dry weather then you shouldn’t let the wet weather bother you. There’s plenty of fun to be had in a tent and if you pick the right campsite then there are bound to be plenty of local places to can hop in the car and visit.

City break

If going on a city break, the rain can have some impact on what you do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time anyway. All major big cities have good public transport networks, so you can hop on and off to avoid getting wet, and there are no doubt plenty of indoor attractions to see, such as art galleries and museums, or you could just go shopping to avoid the rain. Then you can leave the outdoor sightseeing for the breaks in the weather.

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