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You can learn a whole lot by just taking a look at figures and raw data, but when those figures and raw data are organised into stats, a whole lot more becomes apparent and you can then make some life-changing decisions from a much more empowered stand-point. This definitely applies to those of us who are on the brink of making a career decision and if you’re lucky enough to have the luxury of perhaps choosing exactly where in the world you may want to work, some specific stats on workplace trends around the world will come in very handy. It’s about more than just looking at factors such as geographic location — you can just jump on a plane and travel almost anywhere in the world today in less than 24 hours. Although how much you make is also important, it’s perhaps not the most important consideration either. People these days are looking to have a much fuller life which allows their personal lives to flourish just as much as if not more than their professional lives, so if you value factors such as the free time you have (leave days), working hours you’ll have to put in, sick days available and just general indicators for job satisfaction, check out this infographic put together by Citrix GoToMeeting detailing some interesting stats-based dynamics pertaining to work around the globe.


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