London. So Good They Named It once.

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According to recent statistics, London is definitely the place to be. Over seventeen million, and growing, tourists came to see it and over twenty eight million spent the night there. The city is alive and buzzing all the time and there is so much to do and so little time to do it. There are many reasons to visit the world famous city of London, but lets just look at a few here.

The Green City.

  1. People talk about Central Park in New York, but it holds nothing to the parks within the greater London area. There are up to eight million shrubs and trees around London and forty per cent of the city is known as green space. Famous parks like Hyde Park, Regents Park and garden squares are there and they are so easy to get to. Due to the fantastic underground system you are only moments walk away from them all and quite fantastically, London Zoo is within the Royal Park too.

City Of Culture.

  1. London is an ever growing centre of culture and the arts and going to the theatre is one of those day experiences you are unlikely to forget. The Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot and The Lion King are some of the many musicals that you can see there. The famous Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in London and he brings his adaptations to the London theatres for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Shop Until You Drop.

  1. The shopping in the city is fantastic. From Harrods, Harvey Nicholls, Selfridges and more, the best shopping experience are waiting for you. Go shopping on Oxford Street or Regents Street and have a look around where all the rich and famous shop also. The world famous Camden Market is there for those of us who don’t have millions of pounds as well as household names like Topman and Topshop that are affordable and within everyone’s budget.

Culinary delights.

  1. British food gets a bad rap when it comes to food. London has become a culinary haven where many different cultures live together and so many different kinds of food are available. London boasts many Michelin-star chefs and seventy one Michelin-star restaurants where every country’s food is represented. For those who want to try the traditional British fair, jellied eels, scotch eggs and spotted dick are not to be missed.

It Never Gets Boring.

  1. London has so many places to see like Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Wembley stadium and the list goes on and on. The premier league is played there and teams like Arsenal and Chelsea call it home. London bridge, The Shard and Saint Pauls Cathedral are more places to see and visit and then there is the boat trip down the River Thames. So many places to go and so little time to see them.

London has an astounding history and is one place that should be on every one’s bucket list. Modern London is increasingly more international than it is British but it still retains much of its old architecture and feel. It boasts some of the world’s best museums and best universities like Oxford and Cambridge. It really is a city you should visit and need to visit. Go check out what London has to offer you.

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