LycaHealth in Canary Wharf

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Canary Wharf, once one of the busiest docks in the world is now a major business district, one of two major financial centres in the UK and home to some of the tallest buildings in Europe. It is unsurprising that the people living here lead extremely busy lives and with a workforce of over 90,000, we wouldn’t judge you if your health wasn’t the first thing on your mind every day.


Luckily, LycaHealth has you covered and Canary Wharf is now also home to a brand new, contemporary and technologically advanced health care facility, opened in Westferry Circus .

The facility aims to provide you with a health care service like no other. Hands up, who’s been in an Apple store and had the ‘Apple Store Experience’? Well, that experience and service has inspired the way LycaHealth works and you can now conveniently fit your health into your busy, modern life at a time to suit you.

All of the medical services provided have an emphasis on ease of use and practicality, making access to some of the UK’s leading experts quick and simple. There are even talks of partnerships with gyms around London, so you may soon be able to get a quick health check while you’re at your daily workout.


The aim of the clinic is to offer a broad range of diagnostic and consultative services, all provided by cutting edge practitioners, allowing you to monitor your general health, maintain overall fitness and access minor treatments quickly and conveniently. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an usher who will book you in via a handheld tablet; a process which, in itself, is indicative of the advanced approach taken by the clinic.

Clinicians based at the clinic include the Radiance Vein Clinic, which offers instant diagnosis and the latest treatment of problems such as varicose veins provided on a ’single trip’ basis. Other services on offer at LycaHealth include hair transplants, low radiation CT scans, infertility treatment and a super wide MRI machine which comes equipped with its’ own individually adjustable mood lighting.

As well as offering this range of treatments to treat medical issues, LycaHealth provides a range of facilities designed to work in a preventative manner, helping you to keep fit and maintain your general level of well being. This means you will be able to access physiotherapy treatments, sports medicine options and a range of diagnostic tools able to spot potential problems before they impact too deeply.

The status of the clinic was reflected in the fact that it was officially opened by none other than Boris Johnson, the mayor of London. Cutting the ribbon, Mr Johnson declared that: “This is a historic occasion and it’s a wonderful thing – I hope it allows people to bond with Lyca and live longer using LycaHealth.”

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