Maltese cuisine and the best places to eat

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Malta is close to Italy and the Arabian-influenced Northern Africa. Both regions are very culturally
different but both have played a huge role in shaping entire cultural and social life of Malta, as it is
today. One of the areas where the influence of different cultures has been noticeable is the food.
Both local culture and foreign traditions were brought over to the island country. They meshed and
created Maltese cuisine. It’s something that every tourist has to try. Here is a list of the most
important dishes that you have to try and the best places to do just that. So, if you’re up for it – call
a cab in Malta and go enjoy mouth-watering dishes from the local repertoire.

Aljotta fish stew

Coming in as no surprise at all, the Aljotta fish stew is something that many Maltese people
appreciate and hold in high regard. Since it’s an island country, you can’t expect sea food to not be
a large part of the local cuisine. Aljotta is usually just called Maltese fish soup and it’s made with
rice and all kinds of different fish. If you want to try the best Aljotta, you should visit L’Aroma or La


It might very well be, that Pastizzi is the most famous delicacy to originate in Malta. It’s sort of like
a bun, but a bit different too. The Pastizzi has a unique shape and is sold by many street food
kiosks and food shops all over the island. It’s so popular because of its flavor and the easiness of
eating it one the go. Pastizzi is a piece of pastry that’s definitely worth the attention that it gets. It’s
filled with ricotta cheese but you can also choose pea paste.
Malta Pastizzi and Caffe Cordina seem to be the most popular spots for this form of pastry

Hobz tal-Malti or Malta’s bread

Malta is proud of having long-lasting and very strong breadmaking traditions. Its bakeries have
been around for ages and a lot of people from Malta have been enjoying numerous pastry
delicacies over the years. However, Maltese bread is the one thing that just can’t be topped in
terms of popularity in the eyes of the locals and tourists. It’s something like baguettes in Paris, you
just have to try it.

Hobz biz-zejt is probably the best-known variation of Maltese bread which is just like an open
sandwich with the bread dipped in olive oil and served with tuna (or other fillings) and tomatoes. It’s
both a meal and an appetizer.

Go to Gormina Bakery for the best Maltese bread on the island.


Getting wine from Malta outside of Malta is very close to impossible. That’s down to the fact that
locals appreciate it and consume pretty much the entire supply of wine domestically. A lot of wine
is also being drank by tourists who visit Malta and want exclusive or new flavours for their palette.
But in terms of being sold somewhere abroad, it’s seldom you can find a bottle of Malta’s finest
wine in your liquor store.

Domestically grown grapes are processed and treated in the island. There are a couple of wineries
that make a variety of flavours. All of which you can try at a local wine bar. We recommend Ta’
Mena Estate vineyard as the most exciting winery in the region.

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