My Top 5 Peaceful Escapes in London

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My Top 5 Peaceful Escapes in LondonLondon is all about hustle, bustle, and a plethora of activities and events to keep you entertained and actively engaged.  But sometimes I need to find a quiet place where London whispers to me about resting, relaxing, and reenergizing my soul for what lies ahead around the next bend in my life.  I’ve found some peaceful hideaways that you may enjoy when you feel the need to get away without really getting away from the city.  Let’s take a look at some paths less travelled for you to enjoy when you need a quiet moment to regain control of your busy life.

  1. The unique round Reading Room in the British Library might just be the place to grab a book, delve into some fiction, and take your mind off your hectic schedule. The lighting is soft, the quiet is mesmerizing, and the staff is quite gracious.  Any book that has ever been published can be found here so finding some reading material that is suitable will not be hard to do.
  2. When I want to enjoy a pint with friends in an intimate setting, I go to the ground floor of the Grosvenor Hotel where the bar is quiet, the service is impeccable, and the ambiance of the area is conducive to discussions or special moments with those you love. You will feel as if the noise of the city is far away and the crowds have all disappeared from the world.
  3. Another of my favourite peaceful areas is the area around Regent Canal. Here I have taken a water taxi, cycled by the water, and occasionally just strolled along the tow path and enjoyed the smell and freshness of the surroundings.  It’s almost as if I’m removed from London and all of the noise that interrupts my peaceful reflections on my life up to this point.
  4. If I want to walk, enjoy beautiful plants, and think about my plans for the upcoming months, I usually go to Kew Gardens where I can get lost in the beauty of the flowers that surround me. The gorgeous arrangements of plantings and the lovely landscapes remind me that life has an order and perhaps I am here to regain control of the events and schedules that are causing undue stress and frustrations.  There’s something to be said for leaves swaying in the wind and blossoms that are begging to be smelled on my way to the next exhibit.
  5. Depending upon the time of day, St. Paul’s Cathedral is also a quiet place where I can gather my thoughts, admire the architecture, and relish the time that I have alone in peaceful solitude. There are services throughout the day but I have been able to enter quietly when no one was there, enjoy the deep breaths that come with relaxation, and gather my thoughts about life in general.

Life is about changes and coping successfully with what comes your way from day to day.  If you can find a peaceful location to reflect upon your actions and make plans for future endeavours, you’ll be much healthier and happier.

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