Quick Getaway: Packing Strategies for a Short Break Away

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You’re finally taking that well-deserved break from the day-to-day grind but you want to avoid the stress of packing for the event. It’s a short trip so your packed clothes need to follow suit. Here’s how to take a quick getaway and strategies for getting all your needs into one bag.

Choose the Right Carry-On

You know astute travelers only need one carry-on case yet choosing the right one is integral. Choose the right case for you whether that means it offers more room inside, has compartments for smaller items, or implements that make it easier to carry and roll through the airport.

Create a Checklist

You’re sure to forget something unless you create a checklist. Think about your needs and write a list of all essentials. Check-off all the items on your list as you place them in your bag. Ensure that there are no leakages by placing makeup, hair products, etc in plastic bags.

Pack Accessories

Why bring a whole lot of clothes when you can get away with bringing less as long as you pack more accessories. Scarves, jewelry, and other accessories can make the same outfit appear entirely different. Moreover, some choose neutral colors that are not as noticeable so the accessories take front stage. Or, find boutiques and stores within a short distance from your Marriott Renaissance Charleston Historic District.

Wear Layers on the Plane

You can pack a lot more clothes when you wear layers on the plane versus attempting to stuff more into your bag. You can always take layers off once you get on the plane and keep them on your lap or behind your back. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to get as many clothes into your case.

Get on the Plane Early

In worst-case scenarios, those who get on a plane late have to check carry-on luggage due to limited overhead storage. To avoid such a situation, be sure that you’re standing in line when your section is called.

Invest in Packing Gadgets

Some clever manufacturers have found ways for you to get more in your bag. For example, you can place your clothing into a bag and then suck the air out to decompress the bag and make it smaller for easier storage. If you’re the type that must bring a lot of clothes then finding a packing gadget is a money saver and wise purchase.

Roll the Clothes

Try rolling instead of folding your clothes. It helps keep clothes from wrinkling and saves more room in your bag. Additionally, some people place tissue paper between articles of clothing to further prevent wrinkles. Anything that is more formal should be placed on top rather than at the bottom of your suitcase.

Buy Toiletries There

You can bypass a lot of hassle by waiting to get to your destination before getting needed toiletries. Plus, you may find that you get a lot of complimentary items from your chosen hotel. Anything that you can buy or get at your destination is something you don’t have to pack.

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