Some great places to shop in Houston

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Houston has many different attractions for it to be proud of, but one of the best things about the place is the fine malls in Houston. These malls are essentially a shopper’s dream, with a number of great famous stores as well as plenty of smaller independent places that offer a wide variety of products. In this article we will look at some of the best places to shop in Houston, whether you’re buying Houston jewelry or just a simple set of cosmetics.

One of the most impressive malls in the Houston area is the Katy Mills mall. we are cheating a bit here because this particular one is just outside the city and is therefore a bit of a travel thing, but it is well worth it. The best thing about Katy Mills, apart from the fact that you have hundreds of stores to choose from (200 at the last count) is the cinema that is there. It’s huge, and once you have indulged in a little retail therapy and maxed out your credit card, you can head on over to the movies and have some exciting entertainment too. It’s a great place to shop, eat and enjoy some quality time with the family (presuming you’ve brought them shopping, of course).


Uptown Park is a different matter altogether. This particular shopping mall has something of the European about it, and contains plenty of Italian architecture and fancy, extravagant buildings that bring Europe to life. There is also a more defined shopping experience too, with cigar shops and fine lingerie stores alongside the more usual mall fare. It’s a little more sophisticated than your average mall, and is a great place to go and lose yourself for a few hours. Wholly recommended, if only for the fact that you have a lot of style among all of that shopping.

Rice Village has been around for as long as most people can remember and it has an excellent reputation for eclectic shopping. You can get pretty much anything you want here, and plenty of stuff that you didn’t realise you wanted in the first place. Take a trip there and you’ll find that you discover more stuff than you ever dreamt a mall could sell. it really is that diverse and exciting. One to really spend a few hours in, it will take you some time to get your bearings.

Woodlands Mall is perhaps the most conventional mall in Houston, and it contains all the major stores that you would find in any major mall in America. It also has plenty for kids to do as well, so it is more than perfect for families who want to enjoy some time together while shopping. With all the shopping you need, and a great setting, it’s a real winner.

So there are some of the best places to shop in Houston. Pick out any of these and go for a session, and we will guarantee that you have a great time spending money, and relaxing.

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