Style in London: How Not to Look Like a London Tourist

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Whether you’re travelling to London on holiday or you’re moving there to pursue your career, the chances are you don’t want to appear like a London tourist. From not wearing anything with a Union Jack on it to preparing yourself for all weathers, there are a number of ways you can make sure you fit in and look stylish when you visit London.


One of the first major things to consider is the weather, as, unfortunately, this is rather unpredictable in Britain. That’s why you’ll find a lot of Londoners wearing plenty of layers so they’re prepared for all eventualities. Many will also don hats when they’re walking around the city so their hair’s protected should the inevitable happen and it rains. The style of hat can vary from chic trilbies to cool caps like you find at places such as Skate Hut Limited.

An Effortless Style

The key to not looking like a London tourist is to make your outfit look effortless, like you haven’t spent hours deliberating over it before you left the house. Londoners boast a stylish yet relaxed getup and will bring their outfit to life with a number of staple wardrobe accessories.

Blazers are something everyone in London relies heavily upon, as temperatures can soon dip, even in the summer months. These smart pieces of clothing will suit a range of outfits, from minimalistic ones to dressier             styles. Long winter coats are also a necessity as they’ll bring even the dowdiest of outfits to life, while also adding that much-needed warmth when the temperatures dip below freezing.

Be Daring

Even though you need to look casual and unforced, there are also a number of outfits that you can push the boundaries with in London. These include wearing boots and/or tights with shorts, even in the summer, because, yes, you’ve guessed it, the London weather allows you to do this!

Wearing an all-black ensemble is also permitted, particularly during winter, and you will often see Londoners wearing this type of outfit. This gives you an edgy style, particularly when you layer your black outfit with different fabrics and textures. Think black tights, black ankle boots, a black skirt, black roll top jumper, black leather jacket and a black beanie.

The important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing as travelling around London will often involve a lot of walking. Be cool, effortless and top off your outfit with a quirky touch and you’ll slot in wonderfully.

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