Surefire tips to save money on your next travel

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Many people think that those who achieved their travel dreams are either lucky or dirty rich. Well, not all of them – in fact, most travelers simply know a thing or two about saving money while on their trips.

Now that the urge of traveling for the holidays is getting strong, you might be wondering how to save money when traveling. In this article, we’ll examine some useful tips to save money while traveling so you can make the most out of your well-deserved vacation.

Be flexible. The best tactic you can use to save money is to be flexible with dates. If your schedule allows, leaving a day or two earlier or later can save you hundreds of dollars in airfare. Plus, you can avoid peak travel. Prices for travel tends to increase on weekends — particularly long weekends. Contemplate traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday to steal the cheapest airfare of the week. Also, waiting until the end of the summer can also give you even bigger savings. Travel fees tend to lower after mid-August when students start going back to school.

Use apps. There are many that will save you money and make your international travel easier. For instance, Deal ray is great for finding cheap flights, AirHelp can help you get compensation for flight delays and cancellations, Auto Slash can help get the best car rental rate, while Roomer can help you get discounted hotel rooms.

Stay open-minded. You should be open-minded to destinations you might not have considered previously. For example, by using the “search anywhere” feature of Skyscanner’s or KAYAK Explore, you can find low-priced travel to places that might not even on your radar. After putting in the travel date you want, you may even find it cheaper to travel internationally than to travel domestically.

Quick tips to get yourself a luxurious bargain:

  • A sure-fire way to get an upgrade with flights is to sign up for its loyalty programs. Also, asking politely will always get you to good places, and when it comes to hotels, simply be polite and ask. If there’s a special occasion, don’t be afraid to say so.
  • Booking in advance can give you the best choice and chance for early bird discounts if you don’t like having a limited choice. However, booking last minute can also yield some bargains.
  • Remember that flexibility when traveling can also help you get better rates.
  • Book out of season.
  • If you fly with a budget airline, you may be able to splurge a little more on your hotel
  • Find an all-inclusive option. They can oftentimes work out as cheaper, but you do need to do the math.
  • Consider self-catering accommodation. You can find some amazing properties out there, and they’re often much cheaper than hotel options.

Secure a travel insurance. You can get an affordable travel insurance quote online from Chubb Travel Insurance to know how much you’ll need for a premium for your destination. Contrary to popular belief, having a travel insurance can save you tons of money in the case of travel hitches like lost baggage, delays/cancellations, or accidents.

End Note

There you have it! Now is the time to set your plan into motion with your travel buddies! Don’t hesitate to contact a travel insurer website directly to know more about their services and coverage. Have fun out there!


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