Survival Tips for a Hen Party Weekend

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A hen party can be a wonderful celebration of an upcoming marriage but it also offers those celebrating a real chance to unwind and enjoy themselves. However, hen weekends can be a little stressful so you may appreciate a few survival tips that will help you stay sane and safe over the weekend.

  1. Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into

Hen parties are usually a lot of fun but you may not know what to expect. Some hen parties are all about hitting the clubs and dancing until 3 am, whereas others are more like an extended afternoon tea party. If you know exactly what is to be expected you can prepare yourself for the event, even if you’re not a fan of dancing until 3 am. If you’re the one planning a hen party you may want to consider opting for something that the bride-to-be enjoys doing.

  1. Work Out How Much Money You’ll Need

Travelling to the hen party may be quite costly and you may have to pay for drinks and meals too. Working out how much you may need can help you to determine whether you can afford to go to the hen party weekend. Try to encourage those who are planning to go to put a bit of money in the “Pot”. In other words, everyone needs to pay their share of the whole event. This will help to keep costs down and ensure the hen party weekend is more affordable for everyone.

  1. Think About Where You’re Going to Stay

Are you planning to stay in a hotel or would you like to stay in one of the hen party weekend cottages that are ideal for large groups? When you know where you’re going to stay you can make plans for the whole weekend. You can use your accommodation as your base and agree when to meet there and how long you’re going to stay.

  1. Take Some Emergency Supplies

No matter how prepared you think you’ll be you will always need emergency supplies with you. Pack some headache tablets, some bottled water and perhaps some plasters too. You may also want to think about packing some snacks for when you wake up hungry in the night.  You could even take a few prepared meals with you as the accommodation at come with kitchens.

  1. Allow for a Bit of Down Time

While you may be tempted to do as much as you can while you’re away on a hen weekend you will need some downtime. Give yourself at least a few hours every day to sit back and relax. Take a nap in the afternoon or have a lie in, whatever you decide to do a bit of a rest will make the whole weekend more enjoyable.

A hen party weekend can be a whole lot of fun but it can also be quite tiring. Use the above tips to help you work out where you need to be and when. With a little bit of work, you and your friends should have a great hen party weekend.

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