Tech Tools: The Latest, Greatest Gear for Cool Travelers

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Flashy and sleek is cool but practical is cooler. Therefore, the stress-free traveler is likely to have a number of gadgets up their sleeve or in their luggage. Here’s a list of great tech tools for those who stay on the go.


Beeline is pretty cool for those who like to bike. It acts sort of like a GPS, alerting riders how far away they are from a destination as well as telling them the general direction to go. It does not give turn by turn directions. It can be fixed to the handlebars and connects to a phone’s GPS.

Call Recorder

Business partners, clients, and family members can call at the most inconvenient times. When you don’t have a pen handy, it’s difficult to remember crucial details. Therefore, a call recorder is a savior for those who have time to talk but are not in front of a computer or don’t even have a pen handy. Learn more at this link.

Silent Wireless Mouse

Some are ‘mouse’ people, opting to use a mouse rather than a computer’s pad. However, using a mouse with a wire can be annoying. Moreover, that clicking sound is more annoying for those sitting beside you on a plane, train, car, etc. The silent mouse is wire free and won’t make a squeak!

Clip On Cam

You could buy a super expensive phone, one that takes great pictures and video. Or, you could buy a separate clip-on device that takes better pictures than any smartphone. Plus, if you happen to drop or break your current phone, your clip-on gadget is still usable.

The Ultimate Towel

This could double as a blanket but it’s most celebrated because it aligns all the sought features of a quality towel. It’s quick drying, antibacterial, and it fits easily into most smaller luggage bags.


While a reading device is not anything brand new, the Kindle repeatedly makes lists for revolutionizing reading for so many. One can bring countless books with them, enjoy lighted reading backgrounds change the typeface, and take advantage of battery life that is more than satisfactory.

Immersion Water Heater

Having access to water is incredibly convenient but the ability to make water hot seems like a luxury. Plop the coil wires in the water while wall electricity heats to the desired temperature. The technology is somewhat dated yet it seems most have forgotten its convenience and how it was before its time.

Folding Knife

A knife will raise brows in public, especially at the airport. However, a folding knife that looks like a credit card, and that can be kept in your wallet, rather than a bulge in your pocket, is more inconspicuous.

Water Filtration Bottle

It’s one thing to have water accessible but it’s even better if your water bottle doubles as a water purification and filtration device. This is a great tool for those who are prone to get squeamish (or worse) when drinking foreign water. You could even use it for cooking.

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