The Best Adventure Sports to Try When Heading to The Holiday Destination Of Dubai

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Summary: There are so many unique adventure sports that active tourists can try out in Dubai such as shark diving, bungee-jumping, jet-skiing and sandboarding. 

Dubai is full of amazing attractions for travellers and one of the best things to do when there is try out some adventure sports. Tourists will be spoilt for choice when they head to this part of the United Arab Emirates and can enjoy a range of excellent activities. Sandboarding is a very popular sport that is incredibly popular in Dubai and involves plunging down the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. This activity usually takes place at a height of around 1000 feet and visitors can slide down the dunes as if they were skiing. This is a thrilling thing to do and is perfect for experts and beginners who want to feel the rush of flying down a sand dune.

Shark diving is an equally exhilarating experience that can be done at the famous Dubai Mall Aquarium. The underwater zoo is a 10-million-litre tank that is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It has a huge collection of Sand Tiger Sharks and tourists will love to spend some time with these fascinating sea mammals. Another interesting activity to try out is flyboarding that involves strapping on a jetpack or hoverboard that can take people on a journey through on the water and under it. This is an amazing opportunity for tourists who want to try something unique when where they can swim and also surf on the clear waters. 


Tourists who want to be close these activities should venture to the United Arab Emirates capital and pick the incredible Al Seef Resort and Spa by Andalus hotel as their residence. This lovely five-star offering has wonderful members of staff who will look after travellers and tend to their every desire. This luxury accommodation has low-rise villas that contain a range of helpful facilities and gorgeous furnishings. The Andalus Royal Suites are perfect for large groups or families and contain three bedrooms and a personal butler. They also offer beautiful French balconies that provide magnificent views of the surrounding areas. 

A fantastic activity to try out has to be jet-skiing that is a very popular pastime in Dubai and it is especially good fun in the gorgeous clear waters. There are many parts of Dubai where this water sport is restricted but travellers can try it out at Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach. Both of these destinations are beautiful places to visit that are great for a leisurely walk along the water and to head to one of the many restaurants and cafes. They are great places for people-watching and also heading there with the whole family to have an enjoyable day out.

Bungee-jumping is also a superb thing to do when going on holiday in Dubai as there are many places this can be done. This adrenaline-filled experience is exactly what an active holiday-maker will require. The city has the superb Dubai Gravity Zone where thrillseekers end up as this is the area’s first permanent bungee spot making it very popular. The beauty of heading to this destination is that once at the top jumpers can admire the city’s views before they take the plunge. There are so many fun activities for travellers venturing to this wonderful part of the United Arab Emirates they must make a plan and book ahead.

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