The Contentious Issue of Travel Visas

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It’s funny how certain situations that largely stem from some urgent need will make you discover quite a few things about yourself, such as the fact that you might not have as bad a memory as you think. Ask any backpacker which countries they can travel to without the need for a visa and they’ll rather impressively rattle off something close to the full list. Additionally, they’ll probably throw in one or two of those countries for which they do need visas, or those for which some special conditions apply, all from the top of their heads.

Obviously in some instances these conditions around visa requirements are dynamic, so things could change very quickly, but usually some sort of announcement is made a few months before a specific change is to be implemented.

In any case, I guess we can all agree that economics perhaps plays a secondary role to that of politics when it comes to the issue of immigration and visas, but there are some pointers to consider if you want to make sure you always have the best chance of being granted a visa, in the event that you do need one. It’s a contentious issue to say the very least, but doesn’t have to be an impossible conundrum.

Compliance with the minimum requirements

The embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit will readily avail the minimum requirements you’d need to be considered for a visa and at the very least you need to make sure you comply with these.

It’s ultimately at the discretion of the customs official you’re dealing with

Discretion is often applied during the visa application process and sometimes when you arrive at the entry-port, seeking to gain entry into the country you’re visiting, but it is indeed at their discretion. So be as nice and honest as possible.

Some factors that could help your case

In some instances there are some factors you can account for which would make even the moodiest of immigration officials have no choice but to grant you entry, even though the discretion ultimately lies with them. The thing is you are usually allowed to “plead your case” and perhaps even launch an appeal on the spot. If you have compelling grounds to be let in then it will be very difficult for even the most hell-bent of officials to refuse you entry, even if all they’re trying to do is avoid having to stick out the whole process of roping in a superior to review your case against their apparent concerns.

One such factor which will almost always have you granted your entry visa is being able to prove strong ties to your home country, although it must be said that some cases are much stronger than others. For instance, if your job title has you down as one of a few Austin personal injury attorneys then there is absolutely no reason for any immigration official to believe that you’re anything less than a bona fide traveller who has every intention of going back home to their decent-paying and fulfilling career.

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