The Main Reasons Why More Business Travellers are Opting to Stay in Serviced Apartments

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Hotels have long been the place to stay for business travellers, but nowadays, things are changing. More and more business travellers have been opting to stay in serviced apartments, and the reasons for this are quite simple (but not entirely obvious). Business travellers, more than leisure travellers, know how travelling can drain one’s energy, and they are looking for something that’s more than just a place where they can sleep – they are looking for a place where they can rest, relax, enjoy themselves, and feel right at home. And this is something that serviced apartments can offer, especially for long-term stays. There are other reasons besides this why more business travellers are opting to stay in serviced apartments. So, what are these reasons? Let’s find out.

First of all, what are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments can fall into different categories, but this may include varieties such as apartment hotels, boarding houses, long-stay hotel accommodations, and more. But a serviced apartment is essentially accommodation which is serviced, with private furnished apartments, and the services can range from basic to those rivalling the very best hotels. Services can include everything from linen and towel replacement a few times a week to daily or once-a-week housekeeping, laundry facilities, gyms, and more. Other modern conveniences normally offered by serviced apartments include telephone connectivity as well as Internet connectivity since these are requested most frequently by business travellers.

The main reasons why more business travellers opt for serviced apartments:

  • Space. Business travellers spend a lot of time away from home, and when they do, they want to make sure that where they stay is as home-like as possible. This includes having enough space to stretch out and move around with ease. Unlike a typical hotel room, serviced apartments feature several rooms which are separate from the main sleeping area, as seen in many Native Apartment hotels. A serviced apartment can also feature a kitchenette as well as an entertainment area and working area. With the extra space, business travellers can feel less confined and feel more like they are coming home after a hard day’s work.
  • A more personalised stay. At serviced apartments, business travellers can have a more personalised stay. They can entertain when they want, work when they want, and play when they want without being disturbed. Business travellers can even cook whenever they want and buy their own ingredients rather than rely on what a typical hotel restaurant offers. The freedom and convenience are definitely attractive for most seasoned business travellers.
  • The cost advantage. For many other business travellers, the cost is a significant factor as well. The cost of a 3-star hotel room, on average, could be as much as £77 a night, whilst a serviced apartment with similar standards and other amenities could be reserved for as low as £800 (plus other small fees) for a whole month. If you compare the difference in pricing, it could well amount to savings of as much as 40 per cent. The average business traveller anywhere in the world spends about 31 days away from their home each year, and it’s easier to see why more business travellers are seeing the cost benefit of serviced apartments over standard hotels.

Since serviced apartments are becoming more popular, property managers and landlords are also becoming more competitive – they are offering better, more personalised services and features and better amenities and facilities, and business travellers are reaping the benefits.

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