The Stagecoach App for bus rides

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Catching the bus has never been easier with the introduction of a new app that can simply be downloaded onto your smartphone. It’s one of those simple activities that should have been made simpler a lot earlier considering the technology has been around for a while.

The new Stagecoach Bus App has brought bus travel straight into 2017! And it’s a wondrous work of necessity. Here’s why.

Everything is in the one place

With the new app, all the simple aspects of catching a bus now sits on your mobile. You can:

  • plan your journey,
  • access live bus information in real-time
  • purchase mobile bus tickets.

One of the handier features is that if a bus is held up in traffic, you can see exactly where it is. That means less time you’ll spend at the bus stop.

Purchasing tickets is as easy as buying something at a shop with a credit card. The fact that you won’t need to search your pockets looking for the right change makes this app a winner already. You also don’t litter the streets with used bus tickets because it’s a paperless system. An added bonus is that you can’t lose the ticket because it’s now on your phone. You simply board the bus and show the driver your ticket.

Local travel made even simpler

What about finding the right bus stop and catching the right bus? This app has got you covered with its very cool GPS system. It will provide all that information with a few button-pushes on your phone.

You can use the journey planner feature if you don’t know where the bus stop is, and with helpful map guidance to assist you, should you ever get lost. If you have a favourite route, or a bus that you take every day, then you can save these on the app, which makes purchasing tickets in the future even easier!

The Stagecoach Bus App is free and you can download it for Apple and Android smartphones. Considering the features packed into the app, it’s definitely worth the download.

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