Three Tips For Traveling With Kids

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Just because you have kids it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation now and then. In fact, kids like traveling too, but you want to make sure that you are doing things that are kid friendly as well. Whether you are traveling by car, going by train, or taking a plane, you want to make sure that your kids are entertained every step of the way or you will continuously be listening to statements such as, “Are we there yet?” and “I’m Bored.”


It’s not that difficult to plan a family vacation with kids or to make sure that they are entertained. Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect trip and make sure you don’t spend the whole time being annoyed by your children.

Pack Things To Keep Them Busy

Make sure that you are packing something to keep those kids busy while you’re traveling. How you travel will determine what is appropriate, but some things include travel games, movies and a portable DVD player, tablets with headphones, and even books. You also want to bring snacks along, because if their mouths are full they won’t be pestering you or their siblings.

There are games you can play that don’t come in a package as well. Play “I spy,” or count how many vanity license plates you find. Make up stories about the towns your drive through or about the people you see on the train or bus. Kid’s have great imaginations, so why not use them!

Make Kid Friendly Plans

Once you arrive at your destination you want to make sure that you have plans to do things that your children will enjoy. If your kids are outdoorsy types they might get bored spending all day shopping or going through museums. However, some children may enjoy these things. It helps to have an idea of what each of your kids likes doing.

Before you head out on vacation, or before you even make those plans, sit down with your children and determine what types of things they would like to do on family vacation. Find a way to work in a little of what everyone wants, from amusement parks to hiking, and beyond.

Set Some Rules

Make sure to have rules set in place as well, which is one way to make sure the trip is a smooth one. Tell them if they act up on the way they will lose certain vacation privileges, or that if they are extremely unruly you may skip their particular vacation wish.

Rules can also include that everyone takes opportunities for a potty break on all pit stops, hopefully ensuring you won’t have to stop more than once every hour or two (remember, kids have small bladders).

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