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We all look forward to our time on holiday. It is a time to wind down and relax after a hectic school or work schedule, and it is important to let loose a bit and replenish your energy levels. As such, most people want to travel both domestically and internationally for that much-needed change in scenery and to learn and open their minds.

Some people who can afford it opt to travel abroad. Jetting to new and exotic lands can be quite a memorable experience if planned well and the necessary precautions are taken. There is a wealth of information online on sites such as on how to properly plan your trip abroad.

Follow the following tips for an amazing experience wherever you visit.

Plan your finances

Have a budget for your holiday and choose a destination in which the expenses for the whole trip fit within the amount you’ve set aside. Travelling abroad does require more money than a trip to your nearest beach so you need to plan well. Know the cost of air tickets prior to your date of travel, airport transfer fees and hotel accommodation. Find if the hotel you’ll be staying in provides an all-inclusive package or if you’ll cater for your own meals.

Most importantly, set aside money some money in case of emergency and check with your bank if it allows for international withdrawals on their ATMs and find out the charges before you board that plane.

Get your travel documents 

You need a passport for international travel. You also need to ascertain if you need a visa to enter your country of destination, and if so, whether you can get one at the point of entry or if you must apply for one before you leave your country. Most countries have visa fees so be sure to include it in your financial budget.

Know when your passport expires and check if there are enough blank pages left on it for all the countries you intend to visit while abroad.

When you have your travel documents, take pictures of them and email to yourself and trusted friends. This is a safety precaution in case you lose them. Furthermore, how you organise and safely keep your travel documents will determine the quality of time you have abroad.

Safety precautions

A vacation can turn into a nightmare if certain safety measures for yourself and your luggage is not put into place. First, you need to know if your country has an embassy or a consulate in your destination country. If they do, let the embassy know you are in the country just in case of a security incident occurs during your time there. You need to follow the safety tips given to you by your embassy and local authorities when staying abroad.

Secondly, you need to check if there are any travel warnings and advisories placed against certain parts of the country. Avoid these areas unless you are assured of your security. Most importantly, do not engage in criminal activities during your vacation. Breaking the laws of the country will easily land you in a foreign jail.

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