Tips for Taking the Perfect Christmas Card Photo

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Christmas is right around the corner, and everybody is busy thinking about ways to make their holiday photographs perfect. While every photograph you take with your family will surely be unforgettable and a precious memory for you, you can make your Christmas card photo perfect with some simple tips.

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Have a solid plan

Make a detailed plan about how you want the shoot to be. Make all the necessary arrangements beforehand, like cleaning the rooms, setting the furniture, and even deciding where each family member should stand or sit while the photo is taken. Not having a solid plan can create unnecessary hassles, especially if you have little kids running around.

Choose a good location

A good location is essential for making your photograph phenomenal. Choose a location that you and your family feel a connection with. It can be a place where your family spends time together regularly, like a picnic spot or even your lawn. It is not necessary to conduct the photoshoot outside. You can even choose an indoor location. Some people prefer to have their photos taken inside, in their living room, near the fireplace or Christmas tree. Whichever location you choose, if you have young children, make sure it is somewhere with few distractions.

Have proper lighting

Irrespective of whether you are doing the photoshoot outdoors or indoors, ensure that the photographer is behind the light source. This will make your photo look more authentic and sweeter. Natural lighting is ideal for photographs. When shooting indoors, pick an area that gets a lot of sunlight.

Timing is important

This is very crucial, especially if you have little kids. Children tend to be a bit fidgety when they are made to sit somewhere still for a long time. So, pick a time that you know will make them happy. Also, make sure there will be enough lighting in case you are doing the shoot outdoors. You can also create a soft look in the photograph if you take the picture outdoors just before sunset. Avoid shooting at noon for outdoor shoots.

Do not rely too much on poses

It is a bit challenging to take the perfect group photo with everyone smiling and no one closing their eyes. This feat becomes even harder when you have kids. Try not to worry too much about poses. “Over posing” can even give an artificial feel to the photo. Make an effort to capture some unposed photos where your family is having fun or engaging in some form of activity. Let your kids be natural and do their thing. Sometimes you might even get an adorable expression from your kids when they are being themselves in front of the camera. You might also get some funny photos that you can save for later.

Dress aesthetically

Gone are the days when people used to wear matching clothing down to their socks for Christmas card photos. Being overly coordinated, like wearing matching pajama sets, now comes off as rigid and unappealing. The recent trend is to not match but to coordinate. Pick a color scheme and get creative with it. You can even go for solid seasonal colors. Just make sure there is a festive feel to the photo.

Take multiple pictures

Take as many photos as you can till everyone in the family gets tired. This will let you choose the best among all of them. Sometimes the outtakes may look better than the planned photo. Also, in some cases, you may find some quirky and adorable photos in between those multiple shots.

Embrace Imperfections

It may not always be possible to get that perfect shot where everyone looks their best. In fact, to get an excellent photo, not everyone needs to be looking directly at the camera. You can stage scenes that depict your actual family dynamics, like a baking or tickling session in progress. If you have pets, they can create an entertaining dynamic as well. Pets and kids in action will create some of the best photos of your photoshoot.

Choosing a professional

If you are too busy with your holiday preparations, then choosing a professional photographer might be a good idea. This will also help you get some good photos. When deciding on a photographer, check to see if they have the features you are looking for. If you have small kids, it is best to opt for a “lifestyle” or “family” photographer.

Christmas is a great holiday to spend with your family. Make your Christmas card photo shoot one of the best times of your life.

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