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What to consider if you’re planning a Vegas-style trip

Whether it’s your first trip after university, or you planning your Hen/Stag night, Vegas is often one of the most appealing destinations. Despite this, there are many reasons you might choose not to go to The Silver City, whether it’s the limited food options, the expensive flights or another reason entirely. This is why, when planning an entertainment trip, you should consider other options!

Consider what type of entertainment are you looking for. Depending on if you are looking for cheap alcohol, how far you are willing to travel and any other contributing factors, your ideal entertainment holiday might look very different to someone else’s perfect trip.

Pick a place where you like the food. If you’re more used to “westernised” dishes, locations such as London, Amsterdam and Niagara Falls, if you have a more adventurous or eastern pallet try locations such as Macau, Singapore or the Macau Region.

Choose a place that has more options. There’s nothing worse than travelling somewhere to do something, a finding out that there’s only one option available- if you don’t like that one option, whether you get bored of it, it doesn’t have the right vibes or if you just want more variety throughout your time there, your time trip isn’t going to go well. Locations that are well known for having a multitude of options whether it’s activities like clubs, casinos or arcades or if it’s transportation and restaurants, the more there is available the more likely it is to find something you like and enjoy.

Check on the weather! There is nothing worse than going on a trip and not being prepared for the weather. Whether it’s monsoon season in Singapore or if it’s too hot to sleep on the Gold Coast in Australia, if you aren’t prepared for the weather, you’ll find yourself not having the greatest of times.

By carefully considering all of the things that impact your trip, you can decide on the best location for your thill-trip! Understanding what it is you want from your trip and doing the research can help make your time one of the best experiences of your life!

This article explores the top 9 alternative locations to Las Vegas and ranks them in terms of the cost to travel to, accommodation costs and many over categories!

According to the article’s findings, when it comes to accommodation China’s Macau Region ranks highest with the cheapest average hotel costs! Whilst London had the most casinos in the city.

Are you planning on going on a Vegas-Style trip? Share where you are looking to go with #LessVegasGetaway.

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