Ways to Liquidate Your Assets So You Can Live Out Your Travel Dreams

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Life has a way of telling us what it is that we need. Far too often, we forget what it is that we really long for because there are so many external factors trying to lodge themselves into our decision making. The American dream usually consists of a wife or husband, 2 children, a 4 bedroom house, a certain amount of square footage, a dog, a cat, several cars, and enough money to vacation wherever it is you want for a whole week, each year.


But what so many people neglect to talk about, is the price they paid to achieve that dream. The truth of the matter is that times are changing, and people no longer want to pay the price for such a constricting fantasy. Happiness isn’t quantified by material assets. Perhaps it’s time to liquidate the fluff. Pair down your belongings to a few essentials. Take some time to see the world and discover where happiness truly lies.

Before you begin your quest and search for happiness, there’s a lot of junk to sort through first. You can’t just get up and leave. You’ve got responsibilities! You’ve got a job, a car, and a home, among other things. What’s the first step to freeing yourself of these material holdings?

Sell Unneeded Items Around The House

Take a breath and look around your home. You’ve got an entire closet of clothes you no longer wear just waiting to be rediscovered by new owners. It’s understandable that you wanted the new iPad when it first came out, but is it really necessary to have that computer, an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod and your gaming system? Reevaluate which of those items you truly need, and pawn off the rest for travel money. When you start eliminating the junk, you will find that less is more.

Consider Selling your Car

Where you live is obviously a huge factor on whether or not you need a car, but think about the reasons you currently own one now. If you live in a city, public transportation is everywhere. Do you own a car merely for the convenience of it? Do you not enjoy crowded subway stations or uncomfortable bus rides? Perhaps you live in a small town. Is it small enough that you could walk or bike to anywhere you need to be?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself when trying to liquidate. Sometimes a small sacrifice in the realm of comfort is well worth the amount of money saved. Plus, without a car, you’re contributing to the general wellness of the environment! That’s one less car polluting our world!

Make A Home Away From Home

What’s the point of owning a home if you won’t be living in it? You’ve already decided you want to travel. There are so many housing options when traveling abroad. Why not take the last step and liquidate that final asset? Once you have freed yourself of the things holding you back, there’s nothing stopping you from living out your travel dreams and making a new home away from home.

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