What Features Should You Look for in a Period Property?

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Most people prefer staying in accommodation that has its own unique feel, and period properties are always a good option when you visit a city such as Bristol. Of course, there’s a big difference between advertising a property as period and actually delivering on that promise. To make sure you find a serviced apartment that fits the bill, here are a few features you should seek out.

Hardwood Flooring

Nothing says traditional like hardwood flooring. It’s become increasingly popular to use carpets instead, but nothing so instantly destroys a room’s period credibility. It doesn’t have to be antique wood floor, but you should at least make sure your serviced apartment used some kind of timber flooring to maintain its vintage look.


If there’s one central feature that makes a room look traditional, it’s a fireplace. Most fireplaces, even in period hotels, cannot be used to light fires – you can imagine how that would affect the establishment’s insurance rates. That said, fireplaces still provide a fantastic look, perfectly bringing together the old-school charm of any room.

Vintage Furniture

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how well decorated a room is if the furniture itself is from Ikea. Establishments willing to go the extra mile will be happy enough to seek out antique furniture. Each piece should be a little bit different, a far cry from the uniformity of a typical hotel room.

Vintage Furnishings

Next, look beyond the furniture to check out the furnishings. This is where a lot of establishments slip up. The major items may look the part, but the curtains will be more basic and the materials used across the room will look too modern.

Bay Window

There are few features as desirable in a period property than a bay window. They form a great place to sit and relax. Perhaps more importantly, they immediately confirm that a property is on the older side and give it a sense of uniqueness.

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