Why You Shouldn’t Drink Too Much on Vacation

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Going on vacation is something someone can spend months to years planning, and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding it. It is common for people to get on the plane and order a cocktail the minute that beverage cart rolls past them.


However, getting giddy after a few celebratory in-flight cocktails and getting so intoxicated that you can barely make it to your hotel once you deboard the plane are two very different things.  Drinking too much on vacation can rob you of a wonderful experience.  Here is why.

You Are Putting A Surplus of Toxins Your Body

Alcohol, although delicious when mixed with juices, syrups, and cute little umbrellas, is at its core a toxin.  The effects you feel are your body being drugged.  That euphoric carelessness that accompanies a few drinks which make it so likable are in fact not doing anything good for your body.

When large amounts of alcohol are in the body the organs function at a slower rate and the brain’s functions are affected slowing down reaction times and the ability to reason.  Therefore, drinking large quantities for extended amounts of time are wearing your body down at an excessive rate.

Alcohol is classified as a depressant and is very common to become addicted to.

You May Not Remember The Whole Trip

If you are pounding margaritas before galloping off on your scheduled horseback ride at sunset, you may not have the clearest memory of the wonderful experience.

Alcohol tends to make us remember bits and pieces of an experience rather than one fluid memory.

You Will Return From Vacation Exhausted

Have you ever heard someone return from a vacation only to exclaim, “I need a vacation from my vacation!”  Chances are they spent a lot of their vacation drinking rather than resting.  

Why save all that money and time off only to need even more time off when you are back home.  Allowing your vacation to be a time of rest and leisure is the best way to recharge yourself to get back in the saddle when you get home.

You Will Spend More Money

Every time you order a drink try to imagine the sound of a cash register drawer clinking open and closed.  Alcohol is marked up sometimes as much as 400% and can very get expensive very quickly.  

If you spend even as much as $40 a day on your vacation on drinks, that’s $400 over the course of a 10-day trip! $400 that you could have spent on something exciting like skydiving, or perhaps a day trip to a nearby location.

By limiting your drinking you can save a lot of money off the total cost of your trip.

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