3 Reasons Traveling is The Best Way You’ll Ever Spend Your Money

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In this world, there are a lot of things you can spend your money on. Some of those things are pretty non negotiable, like your mortgage, your cell phone bill, your car, your gas, your clothing, your food…that sort of thing. But there are also a million things in day to day life that people choose to spend their money on that is frivolous and a waste.


For example: You should never pay full price on a car you buy off the lot, you should never buy something from a street vendor without a little haggling, you should make as many meals as you can from home because you’re paying for convenience and not the food when you eat out, and in general, you should just think before you buy anything at full price. This applies to everything in life except for travel. You will never waste your money traveling. Here’s why:

You’re Gaining More Than You Know

Travel provides a rich experience to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you go to France to drink the wine and learn the language, or you go to Colorado to gaze at the mountains. There’s a reason so many recovery resorts are tucked away in Colorado. It’s because it’s beautiful and provides just the right atmosphere to aid in the healing and recovery of people in need. You could choose to travel to the Rockies, or you could choose to go to Spain. The point is, you’re gaining more than you know.

You’re Learning Social Skills

Travel can be extremely awkward, or a growth opportunity. If you’re going to a place that is different than what you’re used to, it’s strange to have a language barrier. Communication is hard. Travel allows you to learn social skills. Not only do you have to make conversation with strangers on the plane or the bus, you also have to figure out how to get to your hotel when you might not speak the language. You’ll have a new appreciation for all of the foreigners trying to live life back home where you live.

You See What You Have

No matter what your financial situation in life is, there is always somebody who has it worse than you. You could be living in a hut, you could be living on the street, you could work 15 hours a day for the amount of money you make in 20 minutes at work, and you could be raising your 5 siblings because mom and dad died of a very curable diseases. When you travel, you’re able to see how blessed you really are and it makes you want to live your life for something and make a difference.

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